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Self-interrupting coworker (M)


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My company has picked up a few new employees over the past few months, including one who's generally pretty quiet, keeps to himself and doesn't really make much of a fuss (I work in a newsroom, so this is an unusual trait). The other day, however, I heard him sneeze for the first time -- fairly noisy and of that rare 'self-interrupting' variety, where he can't even draw a breath before the second sneeze takes over. I wasn't looking toward him, and it happened too quickly for me to see, but man was I undone when I heard from across the room, "Heh'ettchu-ettchu! Heh'ETTCHU!" :blink: He's not much to look at, but I think my heart stopped for a few seconds after I heard that. Mm, bliss...

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*CACKLE* You know, I don't think it matters WHAT they look like when it comes to that sound....I always have some manner of JFLSDKJFDS inside of me no matter what!


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