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Hmmm, #28 and #29!!!! Male Obs


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So, last night at work, I was lucky to see two of my favorite men, Scott and Bill. Well, it just so happened, that I was over at the pro desk, talking to Scott, while Bill was loading and unloading some lumber on carts nearby. Scott and I were discussing the lumber, becasue it had been returned from a whole house order, and there was lots of it. It was also very wet lumber, because it had been sitting in the snow. So, we watched Bill work (yes, we watched while he worked. But that was only because Bill told me I shouldn't have to actually work, just stand there and look good! :unsure: Which made me gush!!!). Anyway, as we were talking, I heard Bill sniff kind of loudly. So, my sneeze radar went on full alert, and I kept a stray eye on Bill as best as I could. I noticed that he rubbed at his nose a couple of times with the back of his wrist (very hot) and waited for the possible sneeze. It didn't come for a few minutes.

I just happened to actually be paying full attention to Scott when it did finally erupt (the sneeze, I mean :blink: ). So, I missed seeing it, but it was nice, deep, loud, "USSHHHHHHUH!" I was too far away to say anything, and Bill's gloves were soaking wet with the water from the lumber, so I refrained from calling him on his portable phone just to say "Bless You." Plus, I had a feeling there was another sneeze lurking. This time, I caught it out of the corner of my eye. His back was to me, but I watched him bend forward, uncovered, with a second, louder sneeze, "ASSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUU!" I just melted in place, and tried not to stare.

I did half-expect Scott to notice, now that he knows about the fetish, but he didn't say a word. Which was good. I tried to not make a big deal about it, even though I was all hot and bothered on the inside form it! It seems that wet lumber, in addition to sawdust, makes Bill's nose sensitive like that! :boom: Trust me, I'm not complaining about that at all! :D

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