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self obs + a girl in class


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So, I've began to pay more attention to my own sneezes. :laugh:

It's midterm time, and this means I have to come down with some sort of illness. It rarely fails. I'm currently sitting here with the beginnings of what's looking to be a particularly "wet" cold. I usually sneeze doubles - a deep inhalation of breath, then "-Shhhhk!" *pause* "Hi-shhhu!" It seems like sneezes generally come in two parts, and the first part of mine is often absent, if that makes sense.

A girl in one of my evening classes looked about how I feel now - if there was ever a stereotype for "I have a cold," then this was it. Pale, red nose, watery eyes, raspy voice and all. She's about 5'1, small-boned, black hair and dark brown eyes, looks to be of Filipino descent. Very cute in a huge gray sweater, which she sneezed two wet-sounding ones into right before class started. "Hetchoo! Heshhoo!" I blessed her; she smiled, said thanks, and proceeded to sniffle pitifully for the duration of the class. I felt bad for her, but she's absolutely adorable. :D

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Bless you! I'm sorry to hear you're coming down with a midterm cold, but I loved your obs. I know exactly what you mean about sneezes where the first part is absent, because my own are often like that, sort of a harsh sounding "HERRESCHHH!"

Anyway, I hope you feel better, and good luck on the exams! :D

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