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Some niceities from school today


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I was just thinking maybe I'll add a little to the obs-pool with today's impressions, nothing grand just some general goodies.

So I was in my bibliotherapy class today (has been mentioned somewhere before, but you don't really have to remember or care...) and even though it was my professor who had a cold (don't get worked up, he's a nice old man, but I wouldn't call him attractive) it was other sneezes that caught my attention (perhaps because he didn't sneeze? XD just realized how silly that statement was considering he really didn't...).

We read a short children's story, it's a fun thing to do in the middle of the day, a bit like a pause in the never-ending mesh of life we roll in... and one of the characters was concerned about another (of course that character was really projecting from her inner world and it was a metaphor to other things but the literature debates and expansions will end here). And she was saying in so and so words "what if she gets dizzy? what if she gets queasy? what if she catches a chill?" and we were discussing the different meanings of that saying in then a girl who was sitting 2 seats to my left started sneezing machine-gun like, but only 3 sneezes. It was intense, she just fired them out, convulsion-style "HA-IshooHaISHooHa-ISHoo!" with the first one her head shot forward towards her hand and the whole thing was spectacularly violent and somewhat wet-sounding, exciting if you ask me :D

The class later a girl who also sat to my left (and it could have been 2 seats, I can't remember as distinctly but either way it was on the other side of the isle so...) sneezed a 5er with short little 3-4 second pauses in between, so of course I did the only thing I could do - I stared a bit, they were much gentler and softer "ashoo... ashoo... eshoo... eschoo... shoo..." very pleasant *wags her tail*.

Was there anything else worth mentioning? stuff from a few days ago was not bad at all but the moment's gone and I'm tired... so you'll take what you get :D

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... so you'll take what you get :twitch:

It's always a pleasure to take what you give, Army-Girl. I especially liked the machine gun sneezer, very exciting indeed! Please keep up the good work!


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