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Farm Life Vacation (female)


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Farm life vacation

Mark Steele was born and raised on a farm, but as he decided to study, he moved to Boston. Eventually he became a lawyer and stayed in the city. When he was 35, he met Cheryl. She was a fashion magazine director, absolutely dashing and with a lovely sense of humour. She was tall and thin, an ex-model, and her Scandinavian inheritance was obvious. Fair skin, big blue eyes, bright, blonde hair. She was tough, hard, and some people said she had a heart of stone. She didn't. But she knew what she wanted and she went for it without excusing herself. And this time, she wanted Mark. They became a couple. They got married. They worked hard and always too much, and one night when Cheryl came home from work and collapsed into the couch, she said:

"Vacation Mark, we need vacation."

"I know. Where do you want to go? Europe?"

She lit a cigarrette and slowly blew smoke into the air the way an oldtime moviestar like Greta Garbo or Rita Hayworth could've done it.

"Sadly, I don't want to go there now. Does it break your heart to hear that?"

As if she cared. He waited, aware that she would let him know where she wanted to go.

"Aren't you raised on a farm? I mean, I haven't met your parents yet, and we've actually been married for two years. Doesn't it seem a little strange?"

"Yes, I'm raised on a farm. You're not actually saying you want to go to my folk's farm in Kansas on VACATION?"

She shrugged.

"Why not? I want to meet them and I've never been to a farm before. Ever. It would be fun."

"Mom probably want us to help with the work. It's dirty and hard work."

She shrugged again.

"Could be fun for a while. I mean, vacation means that you're supposed to do things you don't do normally, isn't it? It would be nice to let my brain rest and use my body a little."

Mark rolled over her and said:

"I could use your body a little right now."

"Is it settled then? You call them and ask if we could come?"



Of course they were most welcome to spend a week with his folks and they started to plan for the trip the best we could. Mark's dear wife was very excited.

As they arrived, his dad helped them with their bags and shoke hands with Cheryl. He told them mum was waiting with dinner, and they could take the guest cottage, then he ran off to see to his favorite horse Lady Of The Lake, who was going to foal any day. Cheryl pulled Mark's sleeve and said:

"Could we go and look at the horses? Please? I've never actually seen a real horse you know!"

He laughed and nodded.


As they walked towards the stables, Cheryl rubbed her nose and sniffed.

"How are you?"

"I feel a bit stuffed-up. I hope I'm not coming down with a cold, wouldn't that be typical?"

She sniffed again, wetter this time. She opened her purse and pulled out a tissue to blew her nose. They came to the stables and a fantastic Appaloosa stallion walked up to them as if to say hello, but more probably he wanted to see if they had any apples or something with them. Cheryl was delighted.

"Oh he's so cute!"

She sniffed harshly as she petted his neck, and then suddenly her breath started to hitch.


The horse stepped back, startled, and Cheryl turned to Mark.

"I'm so sorry, I scared him! Oh... I need to sn... sneeze again... Ahhh-ISSSHHOOO! Oh by dose tickles so bad. I just... huh... huh... ISSSSHHHOOOO! Can't stop sneezing! AH-TSSSHHHHH!"

She tried to get a tissue from her purse, but as the violent sneezing continued, she dropped the purse. Mark picked it up and handed her a tissue.

"AAH-ISSSHHHH! Thank you... huh... huh-uh-AASSSHHHOOO!"

She blew her nose forcefully and then said:

"Oh dear, let's go idside before I catch pneu.. huh-ATSSSHHHHOOOO! Pneumonia as well!"

They started walking and the sneezing calmed down a little. Cheryl was still sniffling and blowing her nose, but she didn't seem ill.


Mark's mom was very nice to Cheryl and made her hot tea with honey in. Cheryl tried to tell her she was fine, but mrs Steele insisted.

"Hot tea is the best cure for a cold."

"It's just a head cold, mrs Steele, I dod't have a fever."

"Don't be that way dear, I heard you sneezing."

Cheryl blushed. Mark knew she was a bit shy about her own sneezing, something he found a little strange since she wasn't shy about anything else, but at the same time he found it cute. Adorable, actually.

In the morning, Cheryl seemed a lot better. A bit sniffly, but not too bad. Mr Steele asked them to help out a little if they wanted to. Mark didn't want Cheryl to work if she had a cold in her body, but she insisted. Mark was going to ride with his dad and check the cattle. Cheryl was going to help with the hay.

"It feels as if I'm on 'Dallas' or something! Can I wear this?"

Mark looked at her. She wore a pair of tight, faded blue jeans, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a jeans jacket over just a black bra. He looked doubtful.

"You probably should wear a T-shirt or something, or the hay is going to prick your skin."

"But it's going to be hot out!"

He shrugged.

"Do as you please, but remember that I warned you."

"Yeah yeah, whatever."

She looked like a real cowgirl as she walked out the door.


As Cheryl got closer to the stables, her nose started to run again. She blew it and kept walking, eager to get some work done. But it only got worse, it started to tickle and she rubbed it, but the tickle wouldn't go away. When she climbed the hay stack, she couldn't hold back a sneeze.


She sniffed wetly, desperatly trying to regain control over her nose, but it was no use. The tickle was just too intense, and she had a sneeze attack like nothing she ever experienced before.


She sneezed openly, not willing to soak her hands or clothes, and with every inhale she felt the sweet scent of fresh hay. It was a lovely scent. But...


She climbed down, still sneezing constantly, barely able to inhale before she had to sneeze again. When she got out of the barn, Mark met her.

"HUH-TSSSHHHH! Get be out of here... HAH-TSSSHHHH! I'b allergic to hay! AH-TSSHHHHHHOOOO!"

He embraced her and whispered:

"Farm vacation wasn't such a good idea now was it?"

"HA-ISSSHHH! Do, it wasd't."

"Spain next time?"


"I take that as a yes. Come on love, let's get you inside."

The end.

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:D VERY YUMMY! I just love allergies :twitch: and... something about hay allergies :hyper: . I guess that would be hay fever? :cryhappy:

Why cant I meet a girl with allergies... :nohappy: thats also a model? :heart:

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Oh the yummyness!! :hyper::twitch: Hayfever... Mmmm... Lovely story, Chanel! Thanks for posting! :D

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Oh the yummyness!! :yes::yes: Hayfever... Mmmm... Lovely story, Chanel! Thanks for posting! :yes:

Precisely. A terrific story. But it also highlights the eternal problem, that hay fevery girls , inexplicably, don't necessarily enjoy all those lovely sneezes.

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