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Amanda's Super Sneeze - (7 Parts)


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Amanda was a running fast on the streets, she was late for school, and her mother has to go to a medical check-up early in the morning.

"I'm not going to make it" she told to herself, her worries were about Mr. Johnson and the lecturing he surely was going to give her about being responsable and that.

Suddenly, she felt an itch in her nose, and this made all worry about Mr. Johnson gone because lately she was having extrange issues about her sneezes, she was noy sure why but they has becoming stronger and stronger the last one was powerful enough to slam her bedroom door.

And now that itch was incressing in intensity, she was rubbing her nose to make it go, but in vain. Her nostrils were opening wide and her eyes was closing totally beyond her will, she let it out i mighty "AAATTCHOOOOOO!!!" that even the leafs of a tree nearby flew from it.

"WHOA! that was huge!!" said a voice behind her, was her friend Patty, who was also late for school

(to continue, please be patient, I'm strugging with the language) :)

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Thank you! I continue now with another piece of the tale.


Amanda took a couple of seconds to recover from that nasal explosion, her cheeks were as red as her nose “oh, that was definitely the hugest sneeze I ever had”

“Are you all right?” said Patty really concerned for her friend, a little more and you could put yourself in orbit.

“I’m not all right! These darn sneezes have been becoming really dangerous!” “I don’t know what to do!”

“You should go to see a doctor, that is not normal!”

“Of course it isn’t, but I’m pretty sure this is out of the limits of science and I don’t want to become some kind of circus freak”

“well, but this is one of those things that you can keep in secret, you know? It was good for you that at this our everybody are in the school”

“Yeah! But hurry! We are very late”

The two friend ran to the school, fortunately there weren’t more sneezes that day

The weekend finally came, and Amanda felled more relieved because for at lest two days she could stop worrying about her sneezes, but lately she has noticed to have the urge to sneeze more often than before, she realized looking by the window that the tree in front of her house was full with flowers.

“Oh no! Spring finally came!”

As this was some sort of magic words she felt a light itch inside her left nostril, she rubbed her nose but this only made it worse because somehow the itch invaded all her nose and this was torturing her delicate sinuses making her nostrils open really wide and forcing her breath.

“Oh god!....ahh! aahh! Haave too… hold….it… baaaah baack! AHH!! AHHH!”

But it was useless, her breathe become strong and stronger, her nostrils flared and even vibrate with the enormous tickle that she was felling in her nose.


The air from her lungs rushed with such speed that the blankets of her bed flew away, all her music posters were ripped from the wall and her makeup and brushes spread all over the place.

“OH NO!! what have I done!”

To continue (again)

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Well done!! I wrote those Debbie's Allergies stories years ago and am glad to see they still inspire people from time to time!! Might have to dust off the old pen and write something new, hmm.. the dust may induce a few also.... :)

Raz~ :)

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Oh, is it you Raz? I red your histories long time ago. Have you intention to contiue the debbie´s series? And congratulations to WLF2226 for the history! :)

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  • 3 weeks later...


Amanda was almost finishing her homework when her mobile started to ring, It was Karla, her friend. She was at the mall with Patty

"So Mandy, you are coming or what? We have bought some nice dresses for Tom's party and we saw one that will be perfect for you"

Amanda was falling in love for Tom, he was a handsome boy, very clever and captain of the basketball team of the schooll, he was very popular with girls and he was a "rich-boy" so her parties were always at his house huge garden (there was a pool and everything)

But nontheless Tom was a nice boy, he doesn't act snobby, he was a good friend and he was a little shy about girls.

Amanda suddenly came back for daydreaming with Tom and she answered to Karla..."Ok, just give me 15 minutes and I'll be there with you"

She was very happy, just because two days ago Tom gave her the invitation to his birthday party, she was almost going to reveal her feeling for him, but Sandra (Amanda's rival) just came in that moment ansking for her invitation.

But Amanda was a little worry, her sneezes seemed to be growing more powerful since that day when she almost destroyed her bedroom, and in Tom's garden there was a lot of flowers, she knew that just a little bit of that pollen in her nosetrils could become in a nightmare.

She arrived to the mall, and met with her friends, Patty was buying some makeup set. and Karla show her a new purse.

"Come here and see this dress I choose for you, do you like it?"

"It's beautyful!! you have a great taste for this things, I couldn't pick-up something better than this"

"I know, I know, that's why I'm in the Fashion Club"

All three girls laught, because that was a lie, they hate the members of the Fashion Club, specially Sandra. And speaking of the devil, she there was.

"Oh, the little girls go out for some shoping" Sandra said in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, but suddenly it started to smell bad, so we're going"

"Ohh! your little noses could us a bit of this"

And then she pull out from her purse a perfume spray and she shoot a cloud directly to Amanda's Nose.

"Happy sneezes!!" and then she ran away while laughling

Amanda was totally caught by surprise, so she was unable to avoid to inhale the cloud of perfume, the little drops make way up to her sensitive nosetrils and started to create an unbearable tickle.

"Oh no! Mandy don't sneeze!!" Patty scream quite alarmed as she realized that her friend was strugling to hold back her powerful sneeze.

"What is the big deal about it?" Karla asked, she didn't know about the powerful sneezes of her friend.

"We must to find a place for her to sneeze!"

"Why, I just don't get it"

"oohhh! mmmm!! sniif!! I can'd hold any londer!!" Amanda said in a stuffy voice. "...gonna sdeeze!!! aahh....AHHH!!"

Patty quickly put her finger under her friend's nose and she ran with her to the parking lote, fortunally it was almost empty

"Ok Mandy... just try to hold the force a little, I'm prety sure that your sneeze will not make too much damage here"

So Patty ran for cover leaving her friend at her nose will

"oouuh!! ahh!! AHHH!! AAAAHHHHH!!......" and suddenly, it stopped Patty came from her hiding place but just in that moment the sneeze came back "AHHHHTCHOOOO!!!"

Patty was launched in the air for about 10 feet, when Amanda recovered from the sneeze she realized that her friend was laying on the floor, she run to see her.

"PATTY!! PATTY!! Are you ok???"

"ye...yeah, I'm fine, but you better cover your mouth when you sneeze"

It was a good thing that Patty were in the gimastics team, so she landed fine no matter the way her friend blowed with her sneeze

"We better find some cure for your sneezes, that could be a problem at the party"

"But how Sandra knew about my sneezes, I thoug we have keep it in secret, even Karla doesn't know about this"

"Don't know, that make me feel more worried about your sneezes, Sandra could use them agains you at Tom's Party"

To continue (yes, again) :D

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WLF: For someone struggling with English you're doing great. Keep it up, I love these stories.

Razman: You wrote Debbie's Allergies? I loved those, did you ever write that one about the prom?

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I'm glad you like them :drool: I know that my english could be terrible to read, but reading all the stories help me to inspire... I bet some of you could recognize the phrase "happy sneezes" from the "happy hesundheit" in that episode of the perils of penelope pitstop (with the running away laughling and all) :)

So the real credit is for all of you that have written those amazing stories where I can inspire to write this one :D

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Amanda was in the party, all seemed to be right but just then Sandra came to her with a pepper shaker, she sprinkle a little in her hand and blew it directly in Amanda’s face, her nose rapidly became red, her nostrils opened wide, flaring uncontrollable as the pepper invaded her nose adhering into her sensible sinuses.

“Ahh! Oh no!!...sniiiiff sniiiff!! Gahh!! Ahh!!”

The sneeze was becoming incredibly huge, she only can fell the rush of air in and out of her lungs, every breath was getting huge than the last one. There was no choice for her to let it out.

“Ahhh nooo…noott naaaa…naaaa now!! AHHH AHHHH!!! AHHHHTTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

An enormous rush of air was expelled from her nose and mouth, but the worst part was that she was standing at the side of the pool, so the rush created a huge wave that soaked Tom and her Mom…

All the eyes were on Amanda, she felt so embarrassed that she ran away craying.

Suddenly she woke up, All that was just a Nightmare… she was trembling and sweating with fear, the fear of knowing that with her sneezes it could become true.

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  • 10 months later...

Amanda woke up, she took a shower and came dawn the stairs to take her breakfast. And then she noticed something, her nose wasn't itchy! the tree in front of her house was blooming and her nose was clear and not even feel the slightless tickle at all... not that she missed that sneezy sensation of all the spring mornings, but was wondering why was that.

After she finished her breakfast she went to the front garden and standed beside the tree, she sniffed hard and released the air in a long sigh... no, not even a tickle... will that be the end of those gigantic sneezes?

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Ha, me neither. But I'll still feel bad for her if she gets another case of the super-sneezes.

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Amanda returned to the house, she was going to call Patty to give her the good new, she pass thru the kitchen and saw the pepper shaker, an idea crossed her mind, she stared at it, and then she put it right under her nose.

She sniffed softly, and that was the only what she needed to start her nose to itch.

"Oh no! what have I done!!" she was feeling that tremendous sensation of itch and tickle into her nostrills, she rubbed her nose but the itch didn't go away.

"uhhh... Oh god!... ahh!!... AAHHH!!... AAHHAAA!!!...GHAAA!!!"

She tried with all her might, but the sneeze was building up fast and unstoppable.

"AAHHHH!!!...... AAAAHHHHH!!!...."

Just then, her little sister, Carol, enter in the kitchen and saw her older sister fighting against her urge to sneeze... she took a glass of wather and "splashed" Amanda with it.

The surprise of being soaked made her sneeze suddenly dissapear, her felt dizzy and didn't realized right away what just had happened.

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Oh man, we all know where this is going. Sooner or later it becomes inevitable. Hopefully later. The longer the building tension, the more satisfying the release. ...or something like that. :drool:

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"Are you crazy?! want to destroy the house?!!" carol asked

"ohh! *cough* of course no!" Amanda answered not fully recovered from what just had happened "just that..."

"Just!?? your sneezes are not 'just' they are like tornados!! what was on you mind while you was playing with pepper??"

Amanda felt really bad, not just for the sensation for not being able to release her sneeze, but for the lecturing her little sister was giving to her.

"Listen, I know more that anyone else about how strong are my sneezes, ok? Is that I was hoping that this nightmare had ended cause I didn't..."

"Oh, whatever! don't do it again and we be all right" Carol said and left the kitchen...

Amanda was a little bit dissapointed, she realized that maybe her allergies to pollen, somehow just ended, but even when she was not able to sneeze she was sure that it will be a blast if she let it out.


Later, in other part of the city, Sandra was with her friends, they were talking about what she will wear at Tom's birthday party.

"So what do you think about this purse?"

"Is awful!! where did you get that? don't tell me that you are going to use that at the party?" Jessica, her friend said while shaking her head.

"Oh, I'm going to use it, but don't going to wear it!" Sandra answered

"I Don't get it"

"Oh let me explain to you"

to continue, glad that you enjoy this

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  • 10 months later...
  • 5 years later...

God Almighty! I just can't believe that more than six years have passed since I wrote any more in this story. I should try to give it a good end. uhoh.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

God Almighty! I just can't believe that more than six years have passed since I wrote any more in this story. I should try to give it a good end. uhoh.gif

I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy the closure! :P

I know I would!

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  • 2 months later...

"I'm confused, you just buy a purse to giving it to Amanda? I though you didn't like her"

"Of course I do not! But this little purse will became into a trap for her nose"

"I'm still in the dark..."

"Don't worry, you will get it, patientce my dear"

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