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What a night - (2 Parts)

Guest Clairey

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Guest Clairey

Place: Time town

People: Negumi and Yusake


Negumi had caught a cold somehow but wasnt sure how what she had known is that she saw her previous life (weird huh :cry: ) heh...heh...heh....heh-shah she sneezed but Yusake was carefully watching Negumi.

"Negi Yuki Are you alright?" Yusake question. "Yeah I'b fide." she answered. "Don sound like it to me...maybe you need some rest..."


I'll continue this later :mellow::(:sleep2:

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Guest Clairey

"No I'll be fide." Negumi said in a stuffy voice. "Ok but if you faint don come running to me." said Yusake in a warning kind of way. "Rrrriiigggghhhhhtttt." Negumi said. as she headed out the door to go to her bar she sneezed a loud one "AH-SHAH!" Yusake called Mawata to keep a eye on so she gave her maid a ear piece to keep in contact if needed nessecary. "Hah-shah! Heh-sshh..Heh...heh...heh-SHAHHH!" Negumi sneezed.

Mawata was following Negumi very quietly then all of a sudden she sneezed. "Heh-kksshhh." "Whos there?" Negumi questioned. "Heh-ksh!" Mawata sneezed again. "Reveal yourself." Negumi said. Then Mawata came out from hiding because someone near was wearing cocane perfume which she was allergic to. "Bawata what are you doidg here?" Negumi asked in a really stuffy voice. "Yusake...c-c-c-Heh-kksh! commaned m..me...to..k..k..heh-KKKSSHH! keep a eye on you." she said. "Why are you sdeezidg so buch?" negumi asked. "Some...o..o..HEH-KKKSSHH..is wearing cocana perfume." She said..


Cliff hanger alert (ive ran out of ideas for this fanfic :sleep2: )

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