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I LOVE my english class..and so will YOU!


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SO today was midterm day and I was sitting taking my mid term and minding my own business...when to my left I hear a stifled Hmph! I turn and I see this guy looking up cutely to see if anyone has noticed...we meet eyes and he blushes :D

We both go back to our work...but I am a bit distracted so i think to myself how wonderful it would be to hear a sneeze from this cute guy who has the most adorable stifles ever...and not even 5 min. later I get my wish!

huhh...mpphhh cheww (pinching his fingers over is nose)...ah heaven.

Somehow I return to my work and this guy to my right this time lets out a larger half stifled Huh ummphhhh!!! and wipes his nose with his hand. He looks around to see if he has disturbed anyone....and since his was the loudest so far, he got the bless you.

Then the period had gone by for quite a while with no more sneezes, adn most people had left but that one cute sneezer was still sitting there taking his test, and as I began to pack up I thought to myself how cute it would be to hear another one! Really, one minute later... a beautifully stifled Huhhh mphhhh chuhh (the chuh.. was like a release of air) he sounded really relieved after hte sneeze and wiped his nose and sniffled :twisted::unsure:

my my.. all in my first class of the day...let's see how the next 2 go :D:D:laugh:

Hope you enjoyed!

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Just lovely! Class stifles are so cute, because it's like they don't want to disturb anyone! :drool: Thank you! I hope your classes are full of them!

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