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Some obs-3 Male, 1 Female


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Even though I really despise my job sometimes, I secretly enjoy it. I enjoy it for the many, many observations I've recieved over the years. It's a nice perk to the job, aside from getting paid what I do. The pay and the sneezes are what keep me there, I swear. Anyhow, on to the obs, right?

The first one comes from none other than Bill, sexy, sneezy guy extraordinaire! This was Monday night, and I was just standing at the millwork desk, daydreaming, I believe. When, from a couple of aisles away, I heard his distinct, "UH-ASSSHHHUUUUUU!" I was quiet for a moment, hoping for that second one, but never got it. :drool: But, it made for a nice evening anyway.

The second obs was from the same night, but from a female customer. The poor woman was suffering from either allergies or a bad cold. She sounded so stuffed up, kept sniffling, those harsh, I've got a lot of mucous type sniffles. My buddy David was helping them, and I was just standing behind him, watching. Her husband was talking to David, then he asked her a question, and I watched the two of them talk. She got the most dramatic pre-sneeze expression I've ever seen on a woman! Oh wait, I forgot to describer her, realy quick, probably mid to late 30's, black hair and crystal-clear blue eyes. Anyway, She did the one hand thing, kind of waving it out in front of her, and her head tilted all the way back. It sure looked like she was gearing up for a rather large sneeze to me. And then the funniest two thigns happened. Before she actually sneezed, her husband said, "Bless you." Then, when she finally did sneeze, she totally stifled it. She still made a noise, that I can't even begin to describe. Then, my bud David, good man that he is, handed her some tissues, and she was like, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much!" She stepped away to blow her nose. I couldn't get over how cute it was that her husband recognized that she was going to sneeze, and blessed her beforehand. :blushing:

The next observation came last night at work. And it was Bill again. Yummy. I was standing over at the pro desk, helping Scott close down his register. Actually, I was telling the customers he was closed so he could count up his till. And Bill was helping our assistant manager re-work an endcap. I got to hear a very nice, loud, and totally over-exaggerated , "AAAHHHHSSSHHHUUUUUUU!" And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bill staggering a bit after the huge sneeze. Melted my heart. :laugh: This prompted someone to tell me abuot an obs, but I'll get to that later. Bill wasn't done for the evening, though, I was treated to one more. This one was so loud, I actually heard it all the way up at the front of the store. :lol: A deep, hearty, "HAH-SHHUUUUUU!" So far, after this week, Bill is up to 43 sneezes in front of me. YAY! Love them, cuz they are all so different.

So, when I was standing by Scott, and heard Bill sneeze, I also heard Scott kind of start snickering to himself. So, after I was done looking at Bill, I walked over and said to Scott, "What are you laughing at?" I thought he was laughing about the sneeze, knowing how I enjoyed it. Then, he made a referrence to another inisde joke he and I had together, and I was like, "Oh, I thought you were laughing at something else." Then, he got his evil grin, and then said, "Oh, yeah, I sneezed twice today." (Ha ha, so he did catch it!) So, of course, I had to ask a few questions about that. I said, "Was it here at work?" He said, "Yes." I went a step further, "Was it before I came in." He thought for a moment, and then said, "No, it wasn't too long after you got here." So, here's me: :D "Really?" He said, "Yeah." Then I felt bad, because I actually was busy when I first got to work, had several customers. And so, I was really sad, because if I hadn't been busy, y'all know I would've been over at that pro-desk and would've witnessed those sneezes, damn it! But wait, I wasn't done with the questions!!! :innocent: I said, "were you all alone, or did you have customers?" He looked puzzled for a moment, and then said, "Oh, when I sneezed? I had some customers." I said casually, "Did they say anything when you sneezed?" He goes, "Like bless you? No." I snorted in disgust and said, "How rude. I can't believe some people can't appreciate a good sneeze." He laughed and said, "Not like you, right?" I just smiled. And then you know what he did? That little cutie then re-enacted his sneezes for me. :omg: He said, "Yeah, I kind of went like this as I was ringing them up." Then, he mimicked sneezing into his elbow, and he actually went, "Haptshu! Haptshu!" I was sad I missed them, but thought it was nice of him to show me what they were like. :lol:

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...aaand yet another batch of Sneesee's delightful work observations! Really, darling, kudos to you for keeping such a faithful... journal, almost, of all the lovely wrongness you witness at work. :drool:

Niceness about Bill, the guy sure never lets you down, does he? :D And Scott is CUTE! But I think the sniffly woman with the thoughtful-in-advance husband was my favourite of the lot... TOO cute and quite hot as well... and just special. Thanks a LOT for sharing! :lol:

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I couldn't get over how cute it was that her husband recognized that she was going to sneeze, and blessed her beforehand. :lol:

Well good for her that she was actually able to sneeze. I had that happen to me once and it caused the sneeze to go away. :drool:

Great obs as always Sneesee. :D

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Thanks for yet another great obs. Bill is just one great guy for you / us !

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