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Look alike sisters with wildly different sneezes!


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So I am working on a paper in the library this afternoon-- a very old, probably very dusty section of the library, in a computer lab, and in walks two girls that I know. The girls are sisters, one is a senior and one is a freshman, but they look nearly identical. Both are petite girls, around 5'2", very slim, have natural pale blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and high cheekbones, as their family is Swedish. They both took seats at the row of computers in front of me.

Brett, the senior, sneezes into the crook of her arm as soon as she sits down. It was cute, short, and sounded kind of like "hiiichhii!" It almost sounded like a half-stifle. Emma, the freshmen, sneezed about ten minutes later. As much as the sisters looked alike, their sneezes couldn't have been more different! Where Brett's was tiny, high-pitched and nasal, Emma's was throaty, drawn out, and wet. She began by cocking her head back, and waving her hands in front of her face. She took three deep, ragged breaths, and let loose with an intense sneeze! "Huhhh.... Huhhhh..... Huhhhhh... HUHHH AHHHHHSHOOOOO!!!!" She thurst her whole body forward, sneezing into cupped hands. Afterwards came a wet sniffle, followed by two more fantastic, huge, drawn out sneezes like the first. I was almost mesmerized watching the spectacle. After her third sneeze, she rubbed her nose with her hand and her sister Brett whispered a "Bless you."

Though I wasn't lucky enough to get anymore sneezes out of Emma, Brett did sneeze four more tiny "Hiih-chiii!" sneezes into her elbow throughout the next hour. Emma rubbed at her nose several times, sniffled once every few minutes, and a few times I saw her cock her head back take a deep breath, and I was hoping for a sneeze-- but alas, she rubbed her nose vigorously instead, making it go away. Bummer! The two must be allergic to dust, or else sharing a cold! Either way, I was more than happy to witness it! I can tell you that I will definitely be frequenting that wing of the library!

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