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i'll start with todayz while its still fresh in my mind. so my step-brother, and his SUPER HOT friend, who's the same age as my brother (16) were gonna go to the mall today, when i asked my step brother if i could go with them he was like, "No way!" so i complained to my mom and she talked to her husband (his dad) and he told my step brother that he had to bring me along. HAHA! so we get in my stepbrothers truck and go. and as we're driving i notice from the backseat that the super hot guy is rubbing at his nose and sniffling a lot. finally after a lot of sniffle torture he busts out with this gorgeous, "AHTCHIOOOAH!" i quickly said, "Bless u" and he was like, "tha-ank-HWATCHOO! Ugh, you." i said bless u again and he sort of nodded his thanks. MY GOD I WAS GOING FRICKIN CRAZY! lol.

in school the other day my friend M has been coughing and sniffling a lot becuz he has a cold. we were in class and i was sitting in the back of the class and he was in the middle and i had an absolutely perfect view of him, and he's pretty hot. then suddenly he kinda slightly turns to the side and sneezed a "HUMPHOO!" into his elbow, it was muffled sounding and i love when guys muffle their sneezes. then he did the same thing again only it was kinda like, "HUMKHISHOO!" then a little bit later he was at the front of the class and he sneezed again into his elbow only it sounded like, "akishoo!" cuz he didn't really muffle it very well.

and last but not least my wonderful, and hot, A. i've told yall about him before and i just love his sneezes. so he's been out of school for a few days and i was like, "where hav u been" and he was like, "sick." i said, "u don't look very sick." to which he replied, "i had strep throat, so i don't want to hear it." and as if to prove this to me he started coughing. a little later i was doing some homework with a friend when i hear this, "KAHOO!" come from him and he did it into his hand. i was like, "Bless u!" he turned to me and gave the most gorgeous, overexaggerated smile in the world and said, "thanks!" what a cutie!

SweetP :)

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Awww! I love how the first guy's "thank you" was interrupted. I also love muffled sneezes-can't get enough of them! As always, thanks for sharing! (I bet you're glad you came with to the mall)

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