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Phone Sneeze! =D


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I was talking to a good friend of mine (who I've known for three years now). Actually, he's an ex boyfriend of mine. :drool: In any case~! We were talking on the phone a couple of minutes ago, right? Well! Check this out.

I picked up the phone to call him, and it rang for a bit before he picked up:

Me: Hey!

Him: Hey...

Me: Are you okay?

Him: Yeah, I just have to...ah...sneeze... hold...on.

Me: : :bleh: ... :) OKAY. <3

Him: *Puts the phone down* Haa-isshuu!

Me: Bless you! Feel better? *giggle/internal spazz*

Him: Yeah, that felt good.

Wowowow. This short, yet amazing, observation made my Easter AMAZING. :laugh: Happy Easter, guys!


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!!! I've always wanted to experience a phone sneeze! How cute! I love how he had to sneeze right away like that. Aww...

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I liked how he said, "that felt good" it was cute, a very aawww!!! :wub::blushing::innocent:

That's great. I love that too. ^_^:bleh::lol:

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I absolutely love hearing men sneeze over the phone, probably for the same reason I like wavs . . . the full aural component, with no worries about germs ;)

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Mmmmm, thanks! I love it when they feel better afterwards, too! How cute that you asked him! I must start doing that, too! :rolleyes:

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Phone sneezes are the best! Especially when they DO announce it, and you're sitting there all excited like "SNEEZE ALREADY!" it makes waiting -that- much better!

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