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Sneezes abroad (f from a friend + self - in public!)


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Ok so I have recently landed and I'm back fresh outta Sweden (!) I went on vacation for a week, yada yada was great I stayed with some friends and a huge bonus was some lovely lovely sneezing :wub:.

The friends I stayed with, A and M, are just about my age. This post is gonna be focus on A *wicked grin*. Short recap that does her absolutely no justice: about 1.65 (m), thin with a hell-of-a-figure, my-god-her-unbelievable-blue-eyes, long straight almond-brown hair and pretty much always dressed to kill. She is stunning, really, a vision. The girl is gorgeous, I shall build her a shrine. If I had to do the "looks like..." celebrity game I guess I'd say somewhat like Avril Lavigne but without the punk-goth-pose. I really love A's nose too :D

This is a good time to point out that in our many bizarre conversations I've actually told A about this fetish :winkkiss: but now that I am all the way safe at home (and we were talking on-line) I've brought it up again and it turns out it totally slipped her mind (score for not being in an awkward situation! yeay!) :omg: oh and as long as we're delving into details, I've posted about her once before... long time ago... but I'm not gonna include a link :twisted: lets just say I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing then too... XD

So for a week I had the pleasure and honor of sticking like glue to this goddess and I'm thrilled to say that even though she sneezed only singles (though she's been known to be able to do more than just that) it was a pretty fabulous bonus to my vacation. The first sneeze of the week she actually had the nerve to sneeze while in the other room *pout* but not too long afterwards I realized that seeing her sneeze is not gonna be something I'd have to worry about since there would be plenty (though she has no allergies and didn't have a cold or anything... long live natural sneezy-ness!). Oh I also wanna point out that I blessed her every single time cause frankly she earned it :blushing: (I'm just too lazy to mention that throughout the post). First VISIBLE sneeze was while we were at the mall and A was looking at some cloths in a store, the lady just very casually without any real warning or preparations lifted her left arm, held the crook of her elbow in front of her face and very quickly and softly "tchuf" there it was. I was hooked. People around here don't often sneeze into the crooks of their elbows, I don't get to see that a lot (at all to be honest) this was friggin awesome! (plus unlike me she can pull it off without a visible wet-stain on her sleeve...).

Another especially-worth-mentioning moment was a day or 2 later while we were eating out at some restaurant. A was sitting in front of me, we just finished eating, and we were sitting around chatting before we got the bill and left. Now here's a nifty way to go about sneezing into the crook of your elbow, never seen this before, nor have I thought about it... again, with no real build-up or pre-sneezic-drama A had both of her arms wrapped around her nose and mouth (think about hugging yourself for a better understanding of this description) and just like that "tshoo" quick and girly like before buried into her sleeves like that and over them I could see her eyes shut tight. It was so delightfully cute and somehow it reminded me of "I dream of Jinny" (think wish-granting XD ).

Fast-forward another day, we're sitting at a local cafe - me, A, and some of A's friends (Y and M if you must... :innocent: ). This stood out a bit because because it had a bit of a pre-sneezic state. We were sitting and talking and in somewhat slow-motion A turns to her side and lifts her hand (elbow crook again), seconds go by till what has now become a familiar loveable short quick girly sneeze "eshoo" which was followed by the most adorable grunt in the history of grunting (something along the lines of "aweeeee"). I must have been grinning.

This one afternoon we were sitting at A and M's flat, A and I were both at the computers, I was checking my mail and and playing around, so was she... we sat there for quite some time probably over 2 hours during which the lady sneezed 3 singles with random long gaps between (1 or 2 of these was\were uncovered to the side), I was wagging my tail.

There was more but I'm gonna stop here, this for some reason feels a bit like betrayal...

Right, though I did say self in the title, so I'll just skip to that. This should actually go loud proud and mighty in my "the other challenge" thread - - - that's right folks, me sneezing in public. So I'm flying back home, sitting, trying to devise new ways to kill time... I had a window seat. Pretty much in-of-the-ordinary (as oppose to out-of-the-ordinary XD ) I haven't sneezed at all during my vacation, but while I was sitting letting my mind race I thought "wouldn't it be cool to induce on a plane?" before you get excited, I would never, and I didn't. HOWEVER, photic sneezing isn't like inducing-inducing... *grin*. Now I'm not really a photic-sneezer... and I didn't feel a tickle or anything... but sometime after that thought crossed my mind I changed my sitting-pose and for a brief but meaningful moment I got a dose of sun-light straight in the face. I stayed that way, staring at the sun, blinking, feeling that familiar feeling (photic sneezers know what I'm talking about). My lips parted as my eyes fluttered irritated with this overwhelming amount of light and there it was, a quick turn to the left (no one was sitting next to me) covered by both hands and slightly more poised than I'd be if I were sneezing in private "hhhutshu". I was feeling rather content with myself, sadly though, yet again no-one blessed me (where is the kindness of strangers when you need it? I have a goal here people! bless me! - - - oh and by people I don't mean you guys, I mean... people - - - yep, that came out the right way :D lol oh man.. you know what I mean... you're people too :wub:).

Well who would have thunk it... that little number worked a second time about an hour later, I just turned around and stared at the sun. But this time, heh, I think I've never really done that before, man... the building up. Audible gasping, while my eyes were fluttering crazy and I must've been getting that oh-so-familiar pre-sneezic expression my breathing was really not like anything I can remember from sneezing ever. I breathed very umm unsteadily for lack of a better word, it wasn't slow and shallow breaths... probably more like fast and shallow or not so shallow? gosh, me stumbling upon words, who would've thunk it :innocent: . I think it probably was quite a sight (to the likes of us) but I was so focused on sneezing I didn't care (nor did I realize actually... till after), again I turned to the left and covered with both hands (while believe it or not thinking about my friend A and about maybe possible trying to adopt that crook-of-the-elbow thing :lol:) another slightly louder (though by no means loud) ...huhh-ha-huu"hu-tshoo" and once again my fellow human-beings failed me with the absent of a blessing... oh well.. some day... some day...!

Alright that's it, I better get going I have some serious sleeping to do in my own bed (home sweet home :) ), hope you enjoyed alla that.

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Wonderful! Congratulations on your plane efforts; for someone who isn't phutic you seem to have quite a good technique; and I wish someone would actually describe that familiar feeling that we mere mortals don't get.

Now you are getting so good at sneezing in public, the elusive blessing can only be a few sneezes away! I wonder if you would attract more blesses if you could do it uncovered.

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Wonderful! Congratulations on your plane efforts; for someone who isn't phutic you seem to have quite a good technique; and I wish someone would actually describe that familiar feeling that we mere mortals don't get.

Now you are getting so good at sneezing in public, the elusive blessing can only be a few sneezes away! I wonder if you would attract more blesses if you could do it uncovered.

That feeling... that feeling... well... you can imagine what it feels like to be blinded by the sun, wanting to avert your glance, blinking a lot... now take that and add to it the strange feeling of something pricking at your sinuses gently but persistently, to me it is strange because it doesn't feel like a sensation that goes along with staring at a bright light, it also doesn't really feel like the start of any other sneeze. It's located somewhere deeper and higher up, not at all close to tingling nostrils or a tickle. Did that help? that's just my take on it... I think I will make an effort to pay more attention to the sensation, to me a photic sneeze is just different than a regular sneeze and I assume I am not alone here :)

Oh, and I think that if I sneezed uncovered I'd attract more dirty looks than bless-yous :lol: that's just my hunch... ;)

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I know this probably doesn't count, but Bless You!

Wonderful obs as always. I loved the way your friend A made so much effort to cover her dainty sneezes. And extra credit to you for teasing out those photic sneezes on the plane. You can have the seat next to mine anytime!

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welcome back from vacation!!! thanks for all the yummy obs ;)

and even though it's way too late, and not in person, Bless you! :)

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