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If your post was deleted, please read here


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If a staff member deleted your post, they did it for a reason. The forum didn't suddenly glitch and eat your post (the only time that might happen is during a software update, etc.); you don't have to agree with the reason, but please do not simply post the message again after a staff member has deleted it. By posting the same message again after a staff member has deleted your thread or closed it, you are blatantly insuliting the staff and insulting myself and Hypnos and are showing a serious disrespect by basically saying "well, I don't give a shit what you said, I'm going to do it anyway so fuck you." That's pretty much how we interpret it, anyway. If a staff member has deleted your message, they should send you a PM explaining why the message is deleted. If you're still pending and can't send or receive PMs, then please email either myself or Hypnos, and we will forward your message to whichever staff member has deleted your post and they will happily reply to you explaining why it was deleted. If you strongly believe that the message did not in any way infringe upon rules or guidelines laid upon the post, then you may privately appeal the decision; messages deleted can easily be restored back to the board they were originally posted on, and while we might reject your appeal, and we do reserve the right to close, delete, or move topics at our discretion, we have restored or reopened threads that we had previously decided to close or delete. But if you do make appeals, please be respectful, calm, and rational about it; I don't know about other staff members, but when people start getting insulting and ranting about how we all fascist nazi pigs, I generally ignore such messages and will not be willing to work with these people regardless of the merits of their arguments, but if they're calm and rational about it then I'll at least hear them out and listen to what they have to say. ;)

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Obviously, the post above is one I've agreed with Bondi about the need for, and thanks to him for posting it.

It's also worth mentioning that flying off the handle and directly insulting people not only overshadows any point we're trying to make, but often also betrays that we don't actually have a decent one to make and are resorting to the tantrum approach. Definitely to be avoided! Thanks!

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