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Spring Break Party


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just because it happens to be a cold spring break here, doesn't mean the crazy spring break $hit isn't going down like it normally would. :yes: anyways! i've been going to a lot of parties this week cuz my mom's been working late and doesn't really know. ANYWAYS! so this hot guy from my school who's a senior, who we'll simply dub T, showed up at my house with a couple of his friends and asked me if i wanted to go with them to this party. OF COURSE I DID so i got his car and off we went. i got to sit in the passengers seat next to him. (by the way i do know these guys, i'm not stupid enough to get into a car with ppl i don't know lol. we've hung out a couple times b4 so its ok). so we drive along talking or whtever with the music pretty loud and i've noticed that in between his seat and mine are tissues. i look at him and notice he's rubbing his nose quite a bit and sniffling once in a while. anyways when we're nearing the party when he suddenly takes in a deep gasp of breath and explodes with a really loud, kinda abnoxious, "HAAASHOO!" i jumped in surprise and the guys in the back laughed at me, i told them to eff off with a grin and said, "damn boy u scared the $hit out of me!" he chuckled and said, "sorry, my allergies." it was kind of a simple response but at least i got to find that he had allergies and that made me VERY happy. i'm pretty sure the reason for the abnoxious sneeze was bc he was a tad tipsy already, even b4 the party had started! lol

so we go in whatever, and go see people we know, we kinda got seperated on accident but we met up again and we started dancing. i was poppin up against him and i could tell he liked it. i was wearing a "half shirt" as my brother likes to call it lol and my back was exposed. i was REALLY glad i wore it after what happened next. i was still poppin and he was still liking it when suddenly i hear the same loud gasp of breath from him and a loud, "HRRASHOO!" i felt the spray on my back and unlike some people i don't like being sneezed on. i stopped poppin and decided to dance facing him so that wouldn't happen again. he sniffled and said, "sorry" i kinda gave a little sigh, but smiled and said, "its ok." we went back to dancing immediately and about a minute later his kinda wiggles his nose and takes in a gasp of breath, i quickly ducked out of his way and he sneezes another, "HHHRASHOO!" at the floor, right where i woulda been, he's not being rude on purpose, he's just been drinking; that'll do it to ya. anyways! after that we kinda parted ways, not because of his rudeness, but because some of his friends showed up and some of mine eventually did too, it was ok, i looked his way a couple times to see if i could see him sneeze, but no such luck!

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HOT! :yes: I absolutely love his "Sorry, my allergies" respond. Mmmm.

Terrific obs, thank you so much for sharing it!

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Damn, I think I ned to party with you! Drunk guys with allergies, sneezing on you? I'd trade places with you in a sec! :rolleyes: Seriously, though, this was a really cute observation. Sorry that you aren't in the "I like being sneezed on" fanclub, otherwise you might have enjoyed the night even more than you already did.

And I am really glad to hear you don't get into cars with people you don't know. However, since the cute guy, T, you talked about was drinking, I'm about to go all MOM on you for a sec. Please, please, please be careful when you go out with people who are drinking, especially in a vehicle. Not long ago, a bunch of people your age were killed in my town by a drunk driving accident. So, just, be cautious, okay? I'm only saying this because I saw how old you are, and you have your whole life ahead of you. Mmmmkay, sweetie? :laugh:

Hope you enjoyed your spring break, looks like you did! :laugh:

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