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I've been trying to get myself back in shape for the past few months. I have my choice of two gyms, and since I generally prefer to be around as few people as possible when I struggle through my routine, I chose the one that's more cardio-based (and less crowded on Fridays). It's actually rather large;; everything is in one room, and it's big enough to house 2 basketball courts, a spot for machines and free weights, and a small indoor track that runs along the walls. I got lucky today, 'cause there were only one a few people on the treadmills and ellipticals, which is the way I like it.

45 minutes later, I'm on my back on a bench, trying to get through some chest presses so I can go home. I've got a dumbell in each hand, and I'm on my last set when a tickle flares up in my nose out of nowhere. I normally get a fair bit of warning before I sneeze; a preliminary tickle and a slow-to-medium buildup before I release. Not today; it was front and center with almost no notice.

I gasped an audible "haahhhh..." and did my best not to drop the weights on my head. With only three reps to go, I thought I could hold back until I was done. Turned out to be a lot more challenging than I thought.

3...I breathed another gasping "hehhhhh..." and attempted to hold my breath until I was done...

2...My eyes started tearing, and my nose crinkled up like an old woman who had just heard a distasteful joke...

1...I took a last desperate breath as I came to the realization that this was the stupidest idea I've had in quite some time...

I dropped the dumbbells, sat upright, and released a huge "heh-eh-EYASHOOOOOO!!!!" For a moment, I was the most relieved, relaxed individual in this hemisphere...until I remembered where I was. And how loud sudden sounds can echo in a large room...

I felt my face turning red as the two girls on the elliptical machines giggled at me. With as much dignity as possible, I put the weights back on the rack, wiped down the bench, and crept out towards the door.

I think I'll go to the other gym next week...

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Aw, haha, you must have some powerful sneezes! What a great obs-I love your description. And the part about your nose crinkling up...hilarious.

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:D oh wow...i love how you count it down for us.... those must be some awesome sneezes! thanks for sharing.
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This was wonderful . . . great description, fantastic buildup, nice sense of humor . . . wish I'd been there!

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Wow, awesome! I love how you described it, totally amazing! And I just wish you worked out at my gym. :rolleyes:

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Wow, awesome! I love how you described it, totally amazing! And I just wish you worked out at my gym. :thumbsup2:

I agree. Great obs and so well described. God bless ya.

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