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Finally! (m)


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Since I told my boyfriend Salmon about my sneeze fetish, he has been completely unable to sneeze in front of me except by inducing, which is kind of scary. Well, lately he's been working on being able to sneeze in front of me - this morning he was getting sooo close that his heart fluttered as the sneeze disappeared right after the short, silent build up. Of course, every time a sneeze vanishes, he is disappointed. It's pretty funny.

Well, anyway, this afternoon I was in his room playing Wii Sports (which I am terrible at). I was playing "Baseball" and was up to bat. I had just hit a triple, which was really exciting because I really, really stink at that game. Anyway, I was all psyched because I knew that I just needed one more hit and I'd be able to score. So, I was all ready to hit the ball - the pitcher was winding up, I had my controller ready...and then...

"huh-schoo!" Eh? "huh-schoo!" :yes:

A small, quiet double sounded from the loft bed to my left. Holy crud, Salmon sneezed! Twice!

Upon hearing the first sneeze I stopped what I was doing and turned to stare at him, just in time to watch the second sneeze. I just sort of stared at him with this look of awe and joy on my face. He looked a little confused. "Huh?" Then it hit him. "OH! I did it!" And there was much rejoicing...and laughing at how silly we are. Apparently he wasn't thinking about it at all - he was more concerned with not being seen as he was changing out of my pants and back into shorts (long story short: he wanted to see if he could fit in my size 1 jeans, he did, but then he got stuck...we get bored easily?)

In the meantime, because I wasn't watching the screen, my Wii batter got struck out :wub: And I lost the game! But it was SO. Worth it.

This was three weeks in the making :mellow: I hope it wasn't just a one-time fluke and that he can do it again soon! I can't go three weeks between adorable sneezes - it's just not possible, I'll burst!!

But...yay Salmon for partially conquering the mental block!!

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Congratulations! I think that would be the most difficult thing about telling an SO about the fetish . . . making him or her too self-conscious to be able to sneeze. Sneezes are so easily lost to that sort of thing -- it's tragic, really.

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Congrats on overcoming the block!! It feels good, I can relate.

I'm going to go for optimist and say I doubt it's a one time thing- prob. more likely a hint of more deliciousness to come! Once it's been conquered once, you've gotten past the hardest part...now it's a waiting game.

Thanks for the lovely obs- and I wish more of the same for you both!!

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YAY! I *love* it when they forget about the fetish and just do it! I'm so happy you got to see the second one! WOO HOO!

I'm dying of laughter about him being in your pants, though! :drool: Too funny!

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:laugh: oh my! i loved all of it!! lovely sneezes, him getting stuck in your pants, and of course, that it distracted you and you struck out! :laugh: sorry you lost the game, but what a way to go!!

i hope you get plenty of sneezes from him in the future!! :rolleyes:

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