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All My Different Sneezes


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As I can't post in the trading area yet I thought I'd share my sneezes as an observation. Assuming that's allowed? :innocent:

Anyway, onto the good stuff...

I've been recording my sneezes over quite a few days and have been really surprised at how different they all sound. Also, my sneezes seemed to come in batches (though you can't tell in this edit) where one day's sneezes would all sound the same. I don't know why this would be as I generally don't alternate my technique... but it certainly makes it more interesting :laugh:.

This edit basically speaks for itself, but I will mention that there's a double in there and that my final sneeze was the most poweful. It was on a day I was trying "not" to sneeze and get a bit of build up, but I was utterly hopeless :rolleyes:. I tried really hard to keep the sneeze under control but it just burst out!

Lastly, please be kind, this is my first time :laugh: :laugh:


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MMMmmm, delicious. And intersting vriations, as you say, some quite coughy, others quite Tchooy. As the big one is quite Tchooy, I woder if the other Tchooy ones were bigger ones if you folllow me.

Bondi's page beckons...

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Doesn't work for me either.

If you send your material to Bondi, Miss, he'll put it up for everyone to enjoy.

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That was wild. And I mean that in a good way. Thanks for posting. And please keep recording. :drool:

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ty 4 sharing these, i rly love them :drool:

Maybe more peeps should do this, im thinking of doing this 2. It would be great if more peeps would do this :lol:

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