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Beauty And The Beast


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I think this counts as an observation.

I went to go see my school musical Beauty And The Beast a couple weeks ago, and I forgot to post this, but I'm doing it now. I don't know if anyone ever saw the Disney animated musical, but in it there's one sneeze by Belle's father. He's an elderly cartoon character, so I never liked it, but this was a student production so I was kind of hoping for a sneeze. Not like hoping beyone hope, but like it was like an 'it would be nice...' kind of thing. Plus the guy playing Maurice is kind of hot, and pretty cool. Plus he's an amazing actor. Which means when he did sneeze, it was very well-acted. He gave this whole build up and sneezed on the clock guy (Cogsworth), who is also pretty hot. And he wiped his face and looked annoyed. All very realistic. Pretty hot. He coughed and stuff too. He's a high school senior if you were curious.

It's been a very long time since I saw the movie, so if I'm wrong feel free to correct me, but I remember Maurice's being the only sneeze. But nope, not in this musical. The candlestick (Lumiere) sneezed twice. And yes, he was played by a kid I had a crush on for a couple years, very good looking. Tall, great singer (Obviously, as he got a lead in a musical, but he's also the singer of a band), reddish brown hair, just total yum. I remember him being sneezy in like middle school. But yeah, back to the obs. He was flirting with Babette (Feather duster, you know that's promising), and he kissed her hand. This was when they were supposed to be getting more object-y, so she had new feathers on her hand. So he sneezed, also long and built up. It was absolutely amazing. Plus, he was dancing with her later, and same thing. Again with the pretty hot. And if you're still curious, he's a junior.

And then I saw it again the next day for free.

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I think acted sneezes from guys that are hot count!!! Do you know how many times in high school I wished for a play with sneezing in it? Just so some of the really good looking actors (we had a LOT at my school, all four years!!!! :thumbsup2: ) would have to fake a sneeze? This was awesome, hope you enjoyed yourself!!! Thanks for sharing!

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