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High School Love (Sneezing) - (4 Parts)


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Okay, This is one of my stories I wrote in my spare time. Its my first sneezing one, Heh. Please tell me how you like it. :D

It was near the end of second period. I was watching the clock as closely as I could. Tick tock," I dreamed eagerly about the new boy who had just joined band. "He is so dreamy!' I smiled and thought to myself.

T his new boy in town name was nick. Nick played the bassoon, (Which by far was the sexiest instrument in the band) and best of all, He was an 11th grader! An older man! "I giggled with delight.

I could only imagine how cute he was, He is also very smart! And intellectual because he loves different languages! I could only dream what would happen next. "Come on, Come on, and Ring already!” I whispered to myself. "RRRIIIIINNNGG” the bell went

I walked to my locker, entered the same old combination and opened it. I grabbed my books and mouthpiece and fixed my hair, (You know, to look cute!) As I shut my locker, my friend Trish popped up behind my locker. And with a mischievous grin she said, "You’re in love, I can tell it!” I was quite embarrassed by this, but alas, I couldn’t say no! "Maybe" I blushed. "Who is it?" Trish asked with her gum-smacking, tube top wearing self.

:"You'll find out soon enough". I smiled. I then ran off in the halls to band where I would meet my love.

I walked in the band hall looking for my crush, and I found him blowing his nose with a tissue. "HIIIESH!" he sneezed. He didn’t look too well. "Aww the poor baby! I thought to myself. He built up that pre-sneeze face and sneezed three more, 'HIEEESHOOO's!" They were very wet also

His face was flushed and he had a runny nose. His quirkiness made it all the cuter. I wondered how he had gotten sick but I didn’t really care to know. He sneezed three "HASHOOs!" Then the band teacher said, "Time to get out your instruments!" and we began to play

Through out the band practice, I could see the reed on his bassoon was vibrating and tickling his nose. So right in the middle of practice, when the flutes were playing, he let out a, "HISHOO!" He walked over to the tissue box and blew his nose.

I was sitting right next to him, and so finally he let out a "HISHEOO!" right on my shoulder. I was a bit disgusted, but aroused at the same time. I continued to say bless you. I knew this was it. I was going to ask him out,

Tell me if I should start writing more :blushing:

- Tubas

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Gosh, this story brings back some memories of sneezy guys I used to know in band! Yes, please write more, thank you! :blushing:

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Okay, you asked for it! (Only doing a little bit right now)

) I stopped him just in time before it was time to go to 4th period. I said, "Hey I was wondering if you would like to go out with me.

Maybe to the movies or something?" He tried to continue his response, but a sneeze overtook his entire body. "HASHOooo!" he sneezed. "Sbure, Ib wove to gwo out wit woo."

I was so happy at this moment nothing could stop me. I said, "Okay, see you later sweetie "Chapter 6:

I ran down the hall squealing with delight! Me? A boyfriend! Who is cute! Omg! No Way! I stopped to talk to my other friend Brianna. "No way!” she exclaimed. "You? Have a boy friend?" she said

Oh it’s great!

: "Uh huh." I smiled. Since high school was full of surprises, he ended up asking me over to the movies tomorrow, (Friday) I can ever

The next morning I woke up with lots of joy. I was going to the movies with nick! All of a sudden I got a phone call. It was nick. I picked up the phone and said, "Hello?" He replied, "I don’t tink I cabn make tooday. I fbeel a bit iwll." "Aww this bites," I thought to myself.

Just then I had an idea. "aww, can I come over to your house and take care of you?: It will be kind of like a party!." "Swure,' He replied. "Kay, be there in a bit “I smiled

Could this get any better? I got in my bright red convertible and drove off.

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Okays, Im gonna spoil ya' with some more of the story, just because I feel like it :laugh:

I rang the doorbell and saw poor nick standing there looking bedraggled. "How are you doing?" I asked. "so.. So. Sorry! I gottaa. sn.. HASHOO!" I smiled and said bless you. "Cwome in pwease". I proceeded to walk in holding his hand.

"I hwope you downt catch my cowld." 'Don’t worry, I replied, its okay." I laid down with him on the burgundy couch, stroking his blonde hair. I put in the movie, "lassie" on his big screen TV, and we watched it.

"HASHOO!" he sneezed. Innocently, he looked up at me with those square framed glasses, and said, "Sorry". I said, "It's okay, hey, do you want some soup?”Swure “he replied. I pushed myself off of the couch and want to the kitchen pantry to make some soup.

From the distance, I could hear some, "Haaa..ItSHOO's!" I smiled, But before I could, A sneeze overtook me. I leaned my head backwards and turned away from the soup, "HaiiSHOO!" I sneezed. Well, At least we get to share the cold.

I proceeded to sneeze two more times in a row. Then I brought the soup to nick. "I hbeard woo sneezin', I hwope woo didnt catch it. Iwts really nahsty." "dwont worry, Ibts Okay" We continued to watch the movie until it was over. He fell asleep on my shoulder, and was out for the night. I decided to stay for the night, just in case he needed me.

The next day, I work up with a sore throat. I woke up and sneezed three times. "HashooO!!" Those sneezes sure woke him up. I cuddled with him some more, nudging my head gently into his chest. He looked at me with those quirky glasses.

"Wbebe bwoth gwot it." he said. Then, in unison, we both sneezed. I giggled, and he smiled. I said, " I gwotta gwo to work. Iwbl bwe bwack waeter.Swee Ya'!" I got up walking in the distance.

:yes::):):blushing: This is soooooooooooo hot to me :drool::drool::drool:

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Okay, But before I write more, May I ask a question?

Is this good for my first story? Im still under 15, but I LOVE to write about my fetish. I think It might get a little bit 18+ in the next chapter.

Does anyone know how to edit a post?

Btw: This is based on a real life story :)

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Sorry For the double post, But this is my last chapter.

(Im really sorry for this story being sooooo Short. I got really bored with it fast. I promise my next stories will not be as short :laugh:)

On the way back from work I sneezed a few times. But when I got home, I saw he had gotten better. I got him some more soup. "You poor baby, I grinned. He smiled back innocently. Just before he took in a gulp of soup,

He sneezed on the spoon, and it landed on the floor. I cleaned it up. "tanks" he said. We ended up sitting on the couch watching the movie.

We both finally got over the cold, with many "Hashoos!” Now me and nick live peacefully in a quaint little home. THE END


:unsure::D:rolleyes: (Once again I apologize for my story being so short, I kind of lost my inspiration If you know what I mean :sweatdrop:. )

Should I continue writing other sneeze related stories?


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