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new hankies (again!)


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Hi all,

This is pretty boring post I guess but thought i'd post in case anyone else like me likes nice mens hankies. I have just bought some new ones from Debenhams (british department store). Their handkerchiefs are normally pretty small to be honest about 15 inches and bland but they've started selling in packs of 3 larger hankies 45cm (18 inches). I bought 2 packs

1st pack: 1 white 1 pink and one light blue (not sure if I'm brave enough to use the pink one in public)

2nd pack: 1 white 1 blue and white check and one mid blue

They also sell packs of plain white larger hankies, and I have to say the quality is very good.

Has anyone else bought any new hankies lately?

Just wondered


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Thanks for telling us about your new hankies; they sound really nice, and the size sounds perfect. I just bought some new hankies myself. They're gray with burgundy stripes, colorful in a subtle sort of way. At 16 inches square they could be a bit larger, but I still really like them. I wonder, though, if Debenham's ships to the U.S?

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