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One of our new cashiers, and I mean, she's been there less than three months new, worked near me at returns last night. She is 19 years old, and her name is Debbie. Personally, I don't mind her, but several other cashiers I work with know her from high school and think she's annoying. I think she's funny. She's a little shorter than me, with long, straight blonde hair, a very unique nose (I can't even begin to describe it, but it totally fits her face), and big blue eyes. She wears a lot of dark make-up, and pulls her hair back into ponytails often. She's also got a body that has a few curves, but is mostly thin. Anyway, I worked with her last night, and got a couple of cute obs from her.

The first one came while we were both standing at my computer. I was trying to work, and she was talking to me. Since I found her more interesting than my work, I was focused on her, when I caught a glimpse of a pre-sneeze expression cross her face. She stopped talking, placed her hands around her nose, prayer-style, and then let loose with two sneezes, back-to-back. They weren't really girly, but slightly wet, with hardly any pause between the two. And they were very hard to spell! I immediately said, "Bless you!" She sniffed and said, "Phew! Thank you!"

Later on in the evening, I needed to go and help out in the paint department. While I was over there, I heard Debbie back by the desk, talking loudly to one of our co-workers. Then, as soon as she stopped, I heard this really loud, "HAH-CHIEW!" Then there was a slight pause, and then she followed up with a really high-pitched, "EH-SHHHHIIIIEWW!" Someone blessed her, because I heard them, and then she said something about being sneezy all night. I kind of missed out on that, because I was too far away to really hear what they were saying.

Anyway, I thought this was cute. Last week, she yelled at one of our male cashiers for not covering his sneeze properly, and again, I wasn't close enough to hear the whole conversation. But, she's obviously a big believer on covering sneezes. :D

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Debbie sounds really cute!! Lucky you got 4 sneezes in one night ... good day at work for Sneesee!! Thanks for sharing, hon!

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Awesome obs. I would just love to have a cashier like her waiting on me, and then let go with a huge sneeze like that. I certainly hope we'll be hearing more about her soon!

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You've said the magic word (female), my kind of obs :yes: she sounds cute (and she sneezes, what's not to like? :D) thanks for sharing :drool:

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