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such indulgent friends!


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my friend New Kid was coughing quite a bit in class yesterday, and he then said, "i'm so sick! i feel like crap." i was like, "oh ur fine!" just to get him to say something back, and my trap worked perfectly. he was like, "nuh uh! i'm sick, i had to walk somewhere in the rain yesterday and now...i'm sick." i rolled my eyes and was like, "whatever." then he said, "i am sick look" he gave to fake coughs, which then led him into a real coughing fit, and then at the end of a fit he gave his regular, loud, stifle that drove me wild. i laughed and said, "all right, all right, i believe you, your sick, just stay away from me!" he flipped me off and coughed a little more, i just thought it was kinda cute.

then i was letting my other friend copy off my homework since i was done, and we were chatting or whatever, and then we stopped while he coppied more intensly, and then suddenly out of nowhere he turned to his side and did the most adorable, "khtshioo!" i was compelled to say, "awww how cute!" but he would have killed me so i simply smiled and said, "bless u" then he said, "thanks" quickly and added, "i've been sneezing all day, it's cuz of that damn field trip" we'd taken a field trip outside and it had sucked. anyways, i said, "aww, that sucks" and that was the end of that.

just thought i'd post these cuz i haven't posted recently so yeah, hope they don't suck too bad.

SweetP :doh:

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Hey, all your obs are very cute, SweetP! There is a lot to love about cute, sick, sneezy guys at school! Thanks for always sharing them!

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