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Guest sneezynick

me and my wife just bought a house so she is packing and stuff like that her friend called and said ill come over to help you pack so last night they started packing the kitchen well they both started packing up the closet were all the spices are and i had a while back made a pepper mixture with white peper and black pepper and it was in a cup i forgot to get rid of it lol well my wifes friend knocked the cup over and the whole closet smelt like pepper ;) if i may say so myself my wife is hot i have no clue how my ass landed her lol and her friend is also real good looking so it was a dream :laugh: All of a sudden i hear my wife sneeeze she has the cutiest sneeeze its sounds like HUTCOOO with a little high pitch and the end i hear her say oh bless me her friend says ill be starting here in a sec with this damn pepper all over my wife sneezes again hutchooo then yells my name as she is sneezing again and says how the hell did all this pepper get in this cup im sneezing like crazy in here from it.I just said i have no clue lol :bleh: all of a sudden her friend sneezes choo choo itchoo three thimes and says im sorry did i sneeze on you to my wife and says that third one came to a surprize and my wife says yes but thats ok ill get you back here im sure. i was like oh my god this is frikin awsome about 10 mins goes by and my wife sneezes again hutchooooo a real big one and i hear her friend say ok ewww ok were even and they both just start laughing and then her friend says to me arent you glad you not in here getting sneezed and spit on eww. i said well my wife can sneeze on me all she wants there nothing that digusts me about here and they both go awww and my wife comes and gives me a big kiss. This is my first obs i dont usally write cause i suck at spelling lol i hope it reads as good as it was being there live and in person something ill never forget in my life. sorry about the spelling lol

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Fabulous! Two girls sneezing all over each other. And that bit where she kisses you bacaue you say she can sneeze on you....too lovely.

And don't worry about the spelling


you could do paragragraphs


to break it up



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