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House MD Fic


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House leaned against the wall of the elevator grateful to have a moment to compose himself before having to face his staff. The walk from the parking lot to the elevator had left him a bit winded and he was beginning to question his decision to get out of bed. He pulled a crumpled handkerchief out of his pocket and held it away from his face, waiting, as he felt the familiar prickle building at his sinuses. Hhehhh…hehhh…HehhCHMPF! He sneezed into the handkerchief and wiped his nose with a groan. The elevator dinged and House stepped out into the brightly light corridor and limped towards his office when Cameron came around the corner.

“We were getting worried. This is late even for you,” she said.

“Up late. Hookers. Lots of hookers.” She rolled her eyes and sighed that exasperated sigh that no longer had any effect. They reached his office and she followed him in to sort through the day’s mail and update him on patients. House fell into his chair and picked up his empty coffee cup from the day before which he shook in Cameron’s general direction like a panhandler. Silently, she set down her charts and went to get House his much needed coffee. While she was next door, House took the chance to try and discreetly blow his nose. He pulled the handkerchief from his pocket and gave his nose a quick blow then checked to see if she was on her way back. She was and so he had to be satisfied, for the moment, with the minor relief it gave his sinuses. Cameron approached his desk with a cup of coffee for each of them and just as she approached House knew he was going to sneeze and there would be no hiding it. He spun his chair away from her and caught the first in his hand before snatching up the handkerchief from his lap. HehhCHhew…hheh heh…hehhCHMPF!CHMPF!

Cameron took a quick step back, surprised. Then put their coffee mugs down on his desk.

“Bless you!” she said. “House, are you sick?”

He sniffed and shook his head a bit. “No, it’s allergies.”

“It’s January,” she said a bit incredulously.

“You’re an immunologist. You’ve never heard of seasonal allergies before? This just so happens to be my seasehhh…hehh..Hehhchhmph HehhCHMPF! my season.”

“Oh, I see. You know, I learn something new from you everyday, Dr. House. In all my years of study I’ve never known someone to develop flora-related allergies in the dead of winter—amazing. You really should let me do a case study—”

“Oh, shut up,” he grumbled. “You know, I liked you much better when you were timid and scared of me and always trying to please.” She smiled.

“I’ll keep Chase and Foreman out of your office for a while. Try and get some rest,” she said as she pulled the blinds.

“Go away,” House said, his eyes already closed. She didn’t say anything but even with his eyes shut he knew she was smiling.

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I'm liking the start of this. Especially the line "Hookers, lots of hookers." LOL

I beginning to think tma has started a trend here lol.

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I beginning to think tma has started a trend here lol.

I really hope so! I love sick!House, and this is a great start. Like how he tries to hide it, too. Hope there's more to come soon,


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More please!! :hyp:

What else can I say?! Sneezy House is soooo what I want...thanks for writing this and hope to see more from you! :0)

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