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Ouch! (f)


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The past few days I've been trying not to sneeze. I mean, I don't sneeze a lot normally, and don't make myself sneeze, but more than usual I was trying not to. See, things have been stressful and I managed to give myself a viral sore throat, according to my doctor. Sneezing with a sore throat, I've quickly come to realize, HURTS. Like, makes me want to shed tears and curl up in a little ball hurts. Thus, I've been avoiding it.

So I'm hanging out on my bed scanning various forums, just minding my own business when all of a sudden I feel myself starting to build-up very silently. Of course, as I put two and two together it's too late and I can only stop myself by making it smaller - "kxchoo!" - immediately followed by a soft, short whimper of "oh..." And then I clutched my throat and wiped away the tears forming in my eyes, as it hurt quite a bit. :)

I realize it's not the loveliest obs, but I have to feel better about this whole situation somehow >_<;; And pray I don't sneeze again 'til my throat is better!

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Bless you. Sorry you're feeling so badly. I know the feeling. Normally I love to sneeze. Just love it. But when my back is hurting..........that's the worst. The last thing I want to do is sneeze. Sneezing is suppose to be pleasurable not painful. :)

So for now, I hope you don't sneeze till your throat feels better. :lol:

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Poor dear! When I have a sore throat, sipping pineapple juice helps it feel better. Also bouillon. And I like the slippery feel of Jell-o as it slips past the ouchy bits.

Feel better, honey!

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Oh dear. You'll just have to hold them all back and save them all up , then let them out all at once when you recover. Those very syrupy cough medicines are quite good...

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Oh NO! That is awful! I am so sorry you are the un-fun kind of painful sick! Feel better soon! Then you can get back to actually enjoying your sneezes :lmfao:

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