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The BEST graduation gift


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I had to wait a few days before posting this because this is slightly surreal to me still at this point, but it is incredibly post-worthy.

This past weekend was a little crazy. I had three graduation ceremonies to sit through (including my own) that pretty much took up all my of time this weekend. On Saturday, M was pretty sneezy, sharing about 10 of his disgustingly cute sneezes with me throughout the day. I thought I was lucky getting to see all of those beautiful allergy sneezes, but NOTHING compares to the graduation gifts he gave me ALL DAY sunday. Honestly, this day was a "melt-me-you-are-so-hot-and-your-allergies-are-just-so-bad" sneezing day for M (and for me). On with the obs....

Sunday morning. M and I wake up and jump in a hot shower together to start getting ready for graduation. I am kinda dragging my heals about the day because this was my second college graduation (for my masters) and at my school, we dont get our degrees...they get mailed to us. Anyways, one of my friends is on her way over to see the ceremony with everyone, so she is lost and gives M a call. I pick up the phone in my towel and my friend A is lost. I give the phone to M who proceeded to give her directions soaking wet, in his towel :lol: Yea, he looks really good in a towel....As he is talking to A, I hear this "HHHIIIAAAattttschoooo..........AAaaattttsshhiiioooooo" I blessed him after the first one, and the second one and now I am excited about the double on my phone with my friend, so I go into the bedroom just in time to catch a THIRD "HiHHHIIIAAAAAaaattttschooooo" :):lol::drool: A triple???WHAT THE &^%$%^??? Been together 3 years and never saw that before. :nohappy: Damn! What a great way to start of my morning.

So, A arrives at the apartment and M is ironing his shirt. A is on the couch and I am on the computer just fiddling around before we have to leave. Again, I hear the build-up, followed by these amazing "HHHIIIATTTsschooooo......HIIIIAAATTSCHoooooo......HHHIiiaattschooo" :blink: Are you kidding me? Are you absolutely kidding me???? Another triple. Now, I couldn't even really see these because I didn't want to stare at him GAWKING at how amazingly HOT this morning was turning out to be becasue my friend A was over my apartment. Two triples in 30 minutes. And, do you know what the bastard says to me in my ear "happy graduation love"

:) Evil man. Two triples. Me melting into nothing! Oh.....dear.....God.....what kind of day is this going to be for me.

At graudation, M sneezed three more times in the stands and was so generous as to text me about them (which is just a mean, evil way to tease me...but it is because he wants me to bless him via text message, so I do)

Ahhhh, so on a side note, I got to see the most lovely gal in the whole world at gradaution. Miss Lalena graduated the same day with me and I was able to snag her after she got her diploma *case* and tell her congrats in person. She's a fox, let me tell you all :) So, pass on the congrats to her on the forum when you get a chance :)

Okay, back to the obs. In the car, A and M's lil sister are in the back seat of my car and M sneezes a double "HHHHIIIAATTSChhooo......AAACCHHEWWW" into a closed fist . He gets the first one out, and then breathes in deep to get out the second one (or third) A round of blesses come from behind and I blessed him both times, as we both grin at each other with sparkly eyes. I love our non-verbal communication...him saying "aren't you loving this" and me saying "dear lord, you sexy son of a gun" without saying a word! :D Now, we are counting and keeping track of all the sneezes from the day and continue to do this throughout the day.

At M's parents house, I get another gorgeous triple...LOUD because he was on the deck and I was in the kitchen (so he probably scared his grandparent's half to death) and yea, it was hot. Incredibly hot.

Later that evening, M's allergies cooled off a little bit (or so I thought) until we were in his living room watching television with the kids. M is on the floor and I am laying right behind him on the couch. I hear it...the build-up and see M sneeze "HIIIAATTSCCHhoooo" and then he attempts to answer a question his mom asked him as he inhales hard to sneeze, it goes away and comes back even bigger with a "HHHIIIIAAa......HHHIIIIAIAAASTTTtschoooo.......HHHIiaitttschooo......AAATTTSCHOOOOO..

....*Sniff, sniff*.....Aaaatttsscchhoooo" :omg::omg::omg::wacko::drool::drool::drool: 5. 5. Five. FIve in a row. Yes, 5. I shit you not, 5. Now, how does one calmly react to this? Because if anyone knows, I would have loved some advice. I was gone at this point. Absolutley NUTS! Time to go home!!! Right now, not later, right now! Let's take A home and Lets GO!

Of course, it didn't end there. Couldn't possibly end on a good note like that, when the good is going, keep it going, eh? Yeah, he did.

A double in the car taking A home. A single in the car on the way to my parents place. Another double as we were coming to the street and one last double in the computer room with my mom there (as M goes on to complain about his allergies to my MOTHER.... :evil: )

Dah. I am in a daze. He sneezed a good bunch on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday! So, I dont know when I am going to be normal again because I have been on this insane sexual high for the past few days, but as soon as I come off this buzz, I am going to have the biggest crash ever. This has been so disgustingly hot and crazy for me the last few days, I dont know what to make of it. Thank God for allergies (that I have never in my life of dating this amazing guy sneeze so much from).

Sorry this was so long. I am going to workout because now that M is back at work and I am not there, I am going to go nuts thinking about these past few days and all of his sneezes. UGH, I even remember where he was at for each one, who was there, what it sounded like, who blessed him, blah blah blah and it is just running through my head over and over again like a dream that I cant wake up from. If I didnt get it out on the forum, I was going to go crazy, so I am sorry this was so long, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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:lol::):lol::drool: Ummmm wow!

That's amazing. I can see why it took you some days to compose this as well as yourself. :)

Did Lalena get to meet your sneezy fella?

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Did Lalena get to meet your sneezy fella?

No, I didn't get to meet M, but I got to hear him!!! He's so sweet, he screamed, "Way to go (insert blnde's real name here)!!!" when she went up to get her diploma. Adorable! I did hear a fantastic sneeze from the direction I heard him yell to you. Upper level on the left, yes? ... I wonder if it was him?

Oh my GAWD!!! Those sneezes sound amazing. I really don't know how you were able to sit still through the ceremony. I would have had a fire in my panties. And 5 in a row!!! WONDERFUL! You're such a lucky lady.

Side note: Blnde is AWESOME!!! She is such a sweetie, and I am so excited we got to see each other ... and you want to talk about foxy ... you're talking about her!

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Oh, those exciting sneeze-filled days; I'm not surprised you had days of excitedness. Lovely!

And meeting Lalena too...

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Don't worry about the length! It was an awesome obs! Thanks for taking the time to read it!

How did you find out you and Lalena go to the same school? I have always wondered if I know anyone on here :lmfao:

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GAH! I'd be dying, too! That is just the BEST TYPE OF GIFT, EVER!!!!!! You are so lucky that he A) Got over the mental block, and ;) His allergies are so bad this year. Thank goodness for whatever's blooming right now, eh?

I'm so happy for you, for getting your master's and working through all of it, you little ball of energy! And for having such a wonderful man to share it all with!

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First off CONGRATULATIONS Blonde & Lalena ;):laugh::lmfao: WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! What a great graduation gift from M :laugh: You are such a lucky girl, he just sounds to sweet for words :hug:

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I'm about to graduate this coming Saturday myself. I probably won't exactly be thinking about sneezing during the ceremony, but if something amazing happens I'll tell you guys.

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How did you find out you and Lalena go to the same school? I have always wondered if I know anyone on here :innocent:

We were talking one day and Blnde mentioned a restraunt around here I had heard of (I think that's how it went) and I asked her where exactly she lived and when she told me she went to the university I said "Me Too!!"

First off CONGRATULATIONS Blonde & Lalena :cry::huh::D WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!! Thank you!!

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Ya, I do think that is how it went. Lalena and I were supporters of one another on the forum (she was always gracious to reply to my posts and I always loved replying to her amazing posts as well) so we just got to chatting a little and it was just a lot of putting two and two together!

Very awesome seeing her and thanks for all the congrats!!!!

Yay for all the grads out there!!

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