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Fun times at the bar and at home


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Okay, so yesterday I went to the bar for the first time for my birthday with a couple of friends and I had a couple of drinks, which was pretty fun (word to the wise: bacardi 151 is pure evil! I could bearly breathe after that! :) ) Anywho, I was starting to feel a little warm so I decided to take a break from it and just sat back for a bit. Behind the counter, I could see the bartender was busy mixing up drinks. She was pretty girl; she looked to be in her early-mid twenties and was very petite and was sporting a nice tan. She was wearing a blue tank top along with a pair of tight blue jeans, and her black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. While she was talking to customer, it looked as though she was sniffling and was continously rubbing at her nose with her finger, as though she was about to sneeze. A few seconds later, I saw her turn away and bury her nose into her elbow as her body jerked back, followed by a a wet sounding Heetccshh! before straightening back up and returning to mixing drinks. If I had been a little closer, I certainly would have blessed her, but she was too far away. After that she seemed to be sniffling a little bit and rubbing at her nose, but alas, no more sneezes.

About ten minutes later, I was still sitting at the bar, debating whether or not to order some more drinks or call it a night. Before I could leave, I could feel a strong tickle in my nose, most likely a result of the cigarette smoke and the smell of perfume that radiated from the woman next to me. I knew that I was going to sneeze, so I quickly turned away from the bar counter and released a rather loud HEEATCHSSOO! into my hand, only inches away from a lovely looking girl who just happened to be standing there. She looked to be about my age, and had short, brown hair and was wearing a tight white t-shirt as well as a rather short jean skirt. She was looking right at me. "Sorry!" I told her, thinking that I might have accidently sneezed a little on her. "That's okay. Bless you!" She replied with a smile. Feeling my face turn red with embarassment, I thanked her and returned the smile before heading out.

I got home at around midnight and, rather than go to bed, I decided to play some games and watch T.V. It was probably about 3:30 that I finally went to bed. I vaguely remember having some strange dream; I know it involved sneezing to some degree, but I can't remember exactly what happened. Following this strange dream, I woke up with a REALLY strong tickle in my nose and proceeded to sneeze at least five powerful and loud HAAATCHSHOO! type sneezes before finally stopping. I wonder if my weird dream had something to do with my sneezing fit?

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