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Not even half-stifled!


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This was a fun obs for me. I was in a bookshop (actually, Blackwell's in Oxford, which is more like a book department store, it's the size of a small school I reckon!), and I don't know about anyone else, but sneezes where people are trying to be quiet or intellectual: bookshops, libraries, exam rooms, are just even better for me :( So anyway, I was hanging around, and this woman, young, blonde hair in a pony tail and quite short and slim, started looking at the bookshelf next to me. It was around a slight corner, so I could see her face, but unfortunately I wasn't looking at quite the right moment, so I just heard her sneeze, and it was quite interesting. I know people talk about half-stifling, but I think this must have been like a third stifled. It sounded something like 'heh'MPF'ih'CHOO!' It was one sneeze, but she stifled in the beginning, and then let it out at the end, and it seemed just as strong. After that, she pulled out a tissue and blew her nose, and her eyes watered a little, which was sweet. Anyway, has anyone else heard anyone slightly stifle a sneeze, and it sound like that, because I haven't.

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hmm I think my exgirlfriend dis sneeze like that. She sneezed like heeh-nkkkgg-shiooo! most times 2 times in a row with a short break or without a break. I remember that i told her that she should sneeze different and after that it turned just into heeet-shioo! :-)

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I always wonder why people do this; is it so that they can be seen as trying to sneeze quietly or politely without actually having tomake the extra effort? Or, more exciting ly that that's the nearest they can get to a ful;l stifle?

nyway, I wish thwy wouldn't. Well observed!

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