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bf likes to fake sneeze


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So I recently started going out with a new guy and naturally started thinking about the feti-fun possibilities with someone new and interesting. Don't we all? So last week I was cuddling on his lap at post-prom, trying to hold his wrists down so he'll stop tickling me. Suddenly his breath hitched and he quickly turned to sneeze very loud and very wet down my back. Taken by surprise (in more ways than one) I yelped and nearly fell off his lap. And then I discover that he faked it just so I'd release his wrists. But wow, it sounded and felt completely real, even following by quiet sniffling. Um, I kinda think I almost wet myself.

And yesterday the same thing happened. We were engaging in yet another tickling battle when he turned to the side and sharply sneezed towards the floor. I really wouldn't have known it was fake if he didn't tell me after I blessed him. I swear. :mellow: This is really strange for me. How can I use this to my advantage? I'm considering coming out to him at some point.. he's more sensitive and understanding than my last S.O. Though I've never been sick while with him, I'll know he'll definately be the nuturing type. And I kinda.. want to catch a cold and see how he acts towards me. Or of course tending to him, I really would be happy with either. :mellow:

I'm not very good with obs, but I hope to have exciting things to post later on! Ja ne!

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i think u r very good with obs! i liked this a lot, it was really cute, and it's really cool that he did that more than once. The fact that it sounded real too is pretty amazing.


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