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It disappeared! (m)


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This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I'm constantly thinking about it because it's just...really funny.

So Salmon and I were sitting on my old dorm's bed, and he may or may not have been trying to induce himself for me (read: he totally was). He starts to get a good build-up, audible and deep "Huh...huh...huuuuh..." and then he drops the tissue he was inducing with, tilts his head back like he does when he is about to sneeze, and...whips his head forward and yells "STUPID!!"

The tickle disappeared!! And he was frustrated by it! :proud: We still laugh about it now. Every so often he will yell "Stupid!" and I will just crack up. I hope you all laughed, too ;)

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IF I did! Bwahaha, that was just SO cute! Thanks for the laugh! ;)

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Hahaha-I can just imagine! I have to ask...why???

Why what? Why did it go away? Or why "Stupid"?

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Why stupid? :rolleyes:

Stupid of the tickle to go away, that's what!

That's so cute, the reaction and all. XD I laughed.

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