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Sneezy Coworker


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I won't go into too much detail about where I work, because I'm extremely paranoid that someone will find this (how I don't know).

Okay, so it started on Thursday... my coworker usually sneezes quite a lot but was sneezing a lot more frequently. It started off as singles, and unfortunately I missed a lot of them because I was out of the room (I could still hear them though :rolleyes:). She stifles nearly all of her sneezes and there is very rarely much of a build up (much to my disappointment).

So anyway, I came back from lunch on that Thursday and she walked towards me rubbing her nose and sniffing - I asked if she was alright, and she said "Yeah I just can't stop sneezing! I think I'm getting a cold." - I believe I mumbled something sympathetic in response, but inside I was thinking yayyy.

After that statement there were no sneezes for a while and I was wallowing in the fact that I'd probably missed them all. Later that afternoon though we were tidying up and she reached into a top cupboard to put something away; all of a sudden she bent forward and sneezed: "Hehhhishknx!" I blessed her, and she responded: "Tha...thanks...hehhehisssssshknx!" A double! I couldn't believe my luck! We both laughed a little - her constant sneezing was becoming a bit of a joke between us at this point.

Onto Friday...

I came into work and asked how she was feeling today (very caring of me, right?) - she said she'd been sneezing all night and her throat was feeling a bit sore. We didn't say much more about it and we both sat down on this mat (it would make sense if I told you where I worked) and had a chat. During which, there was a flicker of pre-sneeze face; I couldn't help but watch - she wrinkled her nose a little and lost eye contact with me as she begun to have a few heavy blinks. I guess I lost what I was saying, because she said: "Sorry, I'm going to sneeze......." and she did! A single with a bit of a build "heh....heh....heeTISHKNX!"

I blessed her and she chuckled a little.

A little later we were standing up and talking when she got pre-sneeze face again; this time she waved her hand in front of her nose, and her eyes closed for a moment. I think she might have been trying to stop it, but sure enough it got the better of her and she bent forward with another "HEHISSSSHOOOO" - this time unstifled!

So yeah that was my week at work ;), I hope I get some more sneezes next week!!

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V-ery v-ery v-ery nice ^.^= *claps excitedly* was fun to read, she sounds like a hoot to be around :D hihihi *basks in other people's misery for a bit* anyway, well written - thanks for sharing.

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oh that was just ridiculously amazing, i love it when they announce they're going to sneeze, and they're perfectly fine with building up right in front of the person...guh, MINE.

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