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We have another conversation about the fetish


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Ok, despite my intesified anxiety I went back to his apartment. I almost died after this :)

I just walked in and he says, "Hey" and I said, "hey" back to him. We sat down in his living room and watched a little t.v. He looked at me and smiled, for what seemed like no reason, then he got a pre-sneeze face and sneezed a double, "HE-ehoo, He-ehooOOO!" He put alot of power into the end of his last sneeze. I didn't watch because I got nervous. Then yet another nerve racking conversation about it:

him: I see you smiled.

coyotesara21: Yeah :laugh:

him: Did you like my sneeze?

coyotesara21: (I couldn't believe he asked that, I still can't :omg: ) Um sorry what? (I didn't believe my ears)

him: Did you like my sneeze?

coyotesara21: (that is what I was hoping he didn't say) I'd rather not say...

him: I have allergies, so I sneeze alot.

coyotesara21: Oh, k (I just melted when he told me that for some reason :D )

him: So, do you find guys who sneeze alot to be sexy?

coyotesara21: Um, why?

him: Well, I'm just curious. I mean, you have a sneeze fetish, and I'm just curious about how it works.

coyotesara21: What do you mean?

him: What you find sexy about sneezing and stuff. I know People of other fetishes have a prefered taste or what not.

coyotesara21: Prefered taste?

him: They like certain things alot. I'm sure you like it when someone sneezes a certain way verses another way.

coyotesara21: Oh, I see what you mean.

him: So, what do you like?

coyotesara21: Why?

him: I'm curious about this fetish and just was wondering.... Do you like it when someone sneezes like this (He fakes a sneeze that goes something like this: he does a build up, " ha..haa...HAAAA... ACHOO!" towards the floor, and smiles at me) or something like this (he pushes closer to me, and gives a fake pre-sneeze face, and goes, "HACHOO!" towards the floor again) I think that fake sneezing made me have to sneeze (he said really fast, as if trying to say it all before he sneezed) HE-ehOOO, HE-ehOOOO! (Right into his arm, then he sniffled) Did you like that one? I noticed you smiled...

coyotesara21: I don't want to say :blushing: ...

him: Please (turns his lower lip over)

coyotesara21: Oh, fine... I lliked that you did it into your arm.

him: Ok, anything else you like?

coyotesara21: Well, my favorite, is into the fist...

him: Anything else you liked about my sneeze?

coyotesara21: It was hard enough for me to tell you that I liked it into your arm... I really don't want to say.

him: Ok, I can see that your embarressed.

coyotesara21: Yeah...

I think that's how our conversation went, not exact, but very close to it. He only sneezed twice a little while after that, a double something like, "HE-EEshoo, HE-ehshooOO!" Into his fist and smiled at me right after.

It's really hard for me to talk about my fetish, but he seems to want to talk about it. I need some advice, I'm just so nervous I don't know what to do to stop my nerves form going crazy... :) Anyone know anything I can do to stop my anxiety...

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I think you've done brilliantly well; I'm sure it can only get better; think how brave you've been just over the last few weeks.

Honestly , once you get used to the idea you'll be fine; it soundsas though he's getting the message that you don't want to talk about it; and that's because you were able to tell him both what you liked and that you didn;t want to go further.

Now, look on the bright side; this felow could be sneezing gold! You can't give up now! More good luck; more let us know...

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AWE!!! That is adorable!!! I LOVE how he sneezed into his fist after you told him that's what you like. If you ask me, this guy likes you a lot. Very cute ...

All I can say is the anxiety, from my experience, will slowly disappear with time. Until then, just enjoy this lovely individual with his fantastic sneezes! Sorry I have no more advice, this is just how it worked for me.

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I've never had any anxiety over my fetish, so I can't help you with that part. However, I will say this.....

The guy OBVIOUSLY likes you. He wants to please you and he's doing something for your personal enjoyment, woman! :innocent: Just relax and enjoy the show. Be appreciative. Hell, even thank him for indulging you. If he didn't like you, he wouldn't do these things and he's going out of his way to do what you like.

Maybe ask him what HIS fetish is next time... :yes:


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Um, I can't really add anything that count, Lalena, and Aku haven't already said. It's obvious he's intrigued by your fetish, and wants to indulge you. If that was me, I'd definitely try to get over my anxiety and enjoy it! And I also like Aku's idea of asking him what pushes his buttons... :innocent:

Thanks for sharing all of this with us. His sneezes sound pretty wonderful, actually! I loved the part where he said fake sneezing was making him sneeze for real! :yes: Very cute!

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Guest Leonard Fairbanks

While you may be nervous about it, it seems like he genuinely cares and has an interest. If you're not comfortable telling him, then by all means DO NOT, but he obviously isn't going to think you're a freak for it if he's the one so interested in the fact that you have a fetish.

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1st of all i LOVED this observation, it was so cute. 2nd of all i do think you handled your self quite well given the situation. and third of all i think that ur very lucky that this guys so open and ok with your fetish, and he's even indulging you! i know your probably shy and nervous about it, and that's completely understandable, but i think that if this guy is open to hearing about it and stuff then you maybe could answer some of his questions, just so he's informed and all. that's just my opinion though :yes:


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He sounds like such a sweet guy. I can definitely understand why you would feel uncomfortable talking about the fetish, especially in front of him, but he seems to be very interested in it and obviously doesn't think you're weird or anything. So I hope you guys can eventually discuss it without you having to go through the embarrassment.

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