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a few more obs


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ok...so last week, for those of you who haven't heard, Aku had her demo in judo. no way in heck id miss that, so i scurried over to the dojo with the intent of playing around a bit, and helping if she should need me. btw...her demo was totally awesome...you should all cringe in fear at her amazing skills!!!!

so, just after her demo...Aku, Sensei so-and-so, myself and one other judoka are standing around talking...basically bragging on Aku..when i felt the urge strike...a slight tingle..moving from the tip of my nose upward...i inhaled slowely though my mouth, hoping not to scare it off, as i was standing right by Aku... :) ...sure enough...my eyes fluttered for just a second...


it was loud and sharp...i pitched forward so far, i swear i kissed my knees...i had to ask Aku for the details...i heard the two men give me awestruck bless you's...but was denied the priveledge to see them...wracked with wrongness as i was... apparently Sensei so-and-so had this :lol: look on his face....not that im suprised, and the other gyu looked like he was expecting me to fall over from the effort...boy i just love sneezing around people... :omg:

but enough about me, on to the hot wrong that just about caused me to attack a man on the mat. one of the other judoka, we'll call him Loz...as he looks so much like my muse...not too tall, about 5'10, ex military type, pretty buff, buzz cut hair, dirty blonde with a hint of silver..but he's still a fairly young guy, gorgeous blue eyes, and a beautiful wife... :laugh:

so, Loz knows about the fetish...for both me and Aku...this happened when Aku started teasing him and asking him about his "hayfever" and he didnt really beleive at first, but he sneezed once at a tournament with me sitting next to him and i practically ended up in his lap.... yeah...quite nice... he almost always sneezes in threes.... :goof: and i swear this man gets to me more than anyone else on the planet... well, we were sitting on the amt, listening to Crotchety Old Goat...see Aku's blog for details....when out of no where:


i turn and stare....my mouth drops open and i can do nothing but keep my eyes glued on Loz...even though COG is right by my feet pontificating...not that i needed a distraction to ignore him... i wait expectantly...and am not denied...


this time he turns away, and i get a view of his back shaking with the force of the sneeze...he's trying to be polite, but he just cant hold them in...


this last one is the fastest and the most controlled, but it still caused him to bend forward...right about then i realize Aku is looking at me and trying her best not to laugh...and i close my mouth, which has been a gaping cavern this whole time... in my most coy voice, i call out..."bless you" to Loz...and he without even looking down at me, grins like a jackass and says thanks....*grumble* that bugger knew just what his sneezes did to me...and he laughed...he found it hilarious...as did i once, i "calmed" down....

now, i wish i could say that there was only wonderful wrongness at this clinic...but no...there was an instance of the most horrific sneezing i have ever heard, it almost chased the fetish right out of me...warning, im about to mention something that might bother a few emetophobics...but its not graphic...just a disclaimer...so this guy...not from my dojo, a guest, is standing right behind me...and i hear the oddest sound, a kind of gurgle, oddly reminescent of gagging. i seriously thought the man was trying to be ill, and not letting it out on the mat, so i quite reasonably move out of his range and direction..not taking any chances....when he turns, raises a notebook over his face, and repeats the sound...but with an exhale at the end...like a


sound...positively cringeworthy...btw..i do apologize if anyone here likes that sound, but it terrified me...

and last but not least..to end on a positive note, one of the younger guys, about 15, had the nicest teenage guy sneeze ive ever heard...a dead ringer for the first one by Loz, see above...i was so startled by the fact that it was this particluar guy, i was too stunned to bless him...drat...lost opportunity...

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:omg: You called him "Loz." *SNORT* Crap, but he DOES look almost identical to him! :laugh:

Hnnngh, yes.....he's got EXCELLENT wrongness, but I would take yours any day over his. :) And for the record, I blessed you as well, but I was laughing through it because LOL, Sensei was so shocked. DURRR!

As for that other guy...what the HELL, sounded like he had totally puked or something! SO NOT RIGHT. Fetish + phobia = NO FOREVER.

And LOL, M. DID have a nice sneeze. :goof: What the hell, that was so not right...

OH! To add to my totally random, did you hear Z. sneezing in class Wednesday when you came for my demo? *CACKLE*


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Guest Leonard Fairbanks

His sneezes do sound totally hot but what I found most interesting was that you and Aku know each other in real life! It makes me wish all the more for a sneeze fetishist friend in the real world...*sigh*...

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I've heard several people with a "gag sneeze" and it's just about the most revolting thing on the face of the earth. One wonders whether the release will be air, or a stream of vomit.

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His sneezes do sound totally hot but what I found most interesting was that you and Aku know each other in real life! It makes me wish all the more for a sneeze fetishist friend in the real world...*sigh*...

Why, yes. She is my lover best friend. It is great to have someone to share this fetish with, I must say. :unsure:

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Mmmm, yummy, except for the gag one. I *do* appreciate people who don't want to spread their germs, however, that sounds icky, and I'm not a huge fan of the way people sound when they are gagging. So, yeah, gag sneeze = ick.

And how cool that your sneeze happened in front of all of those people, chui! Was Aku going nuts, or what? And I love guys who sneeze in threes, it totally rocks my world! I've had to actually really control myself a few times, or I would have ended up in a few laps myself. :) Thanks for the wonderfully written obs, chui! :unsure:

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oh my darling..i did forget to put those two sneezes in the observation....yes...i DID notice Z. being wonderfully wrong, since he was about 2 feet from me... :) its just not fair!!! why do all the youngin's have nice sneezes... :unsure: im guessing you didn't notice me biting my fist right about then did you... or me asking him to keep going...i knew he had a few more in him... but i did have to restrain myself from schmacking a compulsive blesser who got hers in before me!! :)

ahh well...and yes, i do have the lovely priviledge of knowing Aku in person...and torturing/ being tortured with sneezy goodness.. :) awww heck! just thinking about it... im gonna have to call you and beg you to induce for me now... *goes off to get phone*

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Very fun. Well... all excepting the one weird creepy sneeze thing.

And "Loz's" way of handling it- too funny.

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Loz sounds really cute! :yuck::shy:

Also, I HATE those ones that sound like their vomiting. Eww.... Gets me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I have a vomitphobia also, (I cant stand it when people toss their cookies on me/near me)

Great observations!


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uh..yes...it was the minions sister...hrngh...she only survived the perilous out-blessing because i felt bad for beating up on her earlier....


and i just thought i would take the opportunity to say here, ive sneezed like 6 times today.... at least four stifles and two loud ones. one of the stifles was completely silent, until i exhaled a quick "ts" right at the very end...and i shuddered a lot, but no sound...

*grins like i actually accomplished something*

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