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so i took a few minutes today and did some quick princess sketches...this was my first attempt at drawing disney characters...so be gentle... :clapping2:

hope you like....

Jasmine, Snow White and Belle....


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Ooohh, that's lovely! I love Jasmine with her little tissue :clapping2:

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chui, those are amazing! I love them all! Now, if only I could persuade any of you fine artists to draw me a Disney Prince sneezing, I'd be in complete Heaven! :drool:

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They're lovely!

I think they are really cute, and I remember those days when I would watch those princesses for hours and hours on end!

heh.. Never got to see them sneeze though :drool:


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thank you..im glad you guys like them....im trying to get the whole sneezing/presneeze down...*gets out sketch pad and scribbles furiously*

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Wow. -_-

the Snow White one is particularly AWESOME. :lmfao:

But man, that is SUPERCOOL. :heart:

Awesome job! Im so happy you're into drawing :huh:

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BEAUTIFUL job, my lover darling! I already JFLSDKFJDSF-ed at you earlier, but these are just REALLY freakin' good!! I am so envious of the way you do clothing folds, holy crap wtf. :lol:

I love those too! I think you captured me quite well. :wheels:

Psssst..... :rolleyes:

You're hot. :bleh:

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so..i couldnt sleep...and i had a bit of an idea of what it might look like if Ariel, as a mermaid, sneezed "under the sea" :)

so, i hope you like it...

(btw..im just gonna dump any disney princess pics in here from now on)


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oooh~ I like this Ariel one. It makes me smile ;]

She's sexyful.

And you did an AWESOME job capturing that <3<3<3

-luff from a HIGH AS A KITE,


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:) Omg!! That's so hotcoolhilarious!!! In a good way of course :hug:

again, SUPER-SUPER-UBERCOOL, and i love love love the little Flounder :)

Mmmm.... Disney Princesses :)

Um? :lol:

I love it chui, it's bloody AWESOME :hug:

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Guest iffthelurker

LOL! I love it! The air bubbles make me giggle lots, and Flounder with the handkerchief (assuming that's what it is since a tissue would have dissolved)...:twisted: It's AWESOME, sweets!

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aww..thanks you guys...you have no idea how much it means to me that such amazing artists liek yourselves take the time to comment my stuff... :lmfao: omg! you guys are totally awesome... *is so totally about to tear up* :lmfao: i :lmfao: you all, seriously!!!!

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Those really are soooo cute :( You really did a great job on all of them. I can't even begin to figure out which one I like best, I just love them all :drool:

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Awwwww, that drawing of Ariel is just SO adorable! :lol: Teehee, and Flounder is teh cuteness! :sweatdrop: Thank you for sharing, chui!

Psst: I love your new avatar :P Mmm, sneezy Sanzo...I could stare at that all day :lol:

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These are so cute! :lol: You can almost hear those really feminine princess-sneezes!

And I have to note something similar to VoOs - I have no idea who these characters are, but :sweatdrop: at your avatar, Chui, and also another massive :P at your signature... Now I'll continue staring...

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awww. thanks so much! :laugh:

and Shiny Bug....that hotness is Sanzo from Saiyuki....isnt he the sexiest ever!

*daydreams about sneezy Buddhist monks*

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I was just about to say, how do you do more smiley faces than what I know how to do? *clicks on the smiley face on the bar above* oh ^^;. Anyway, I don't know if you're still around here, but you drew these three princesses really well! :D The dresses from Snow White and Belle are great and this is your first drawing of them? uhhuh.gif That's amazing! ^^

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