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Ok this was so amazing...and I need to know what you all would have done.

So I went to a conference last week and we are eating lunch waiting for a guest speaker to talk about something. I was sitting with random people. So this girl, skinny, tale, brown hair....probably 5'7" or so and about 23 years old. She was sniffing from time to time but from looking at her nose no signs of redness or a sneeze coming. She had blown her nose with a single tissue at least twice while we were sitting there. I'm thinking allergies...all the sudden she pulls out of her bag a BOX of tissues and places them in her lap!

Now I didn't make eye contact with her but my eyes went straight for her tissues as I was in disbelief...I was speechless. I'm thinking holy crap...she must be expecting the flood gates to open. I'll let you fanticize... ... ... ... and no sneezes came :wheels: but more intense sniffing and blowing followed. Now I wasn't able to see if she had some false sneezes come and go and since I was sitting right next to her I couldn't just stare her way.

Later on though I did hear one sneeze from her and it was unspellable but she had to leave the room so I'm not sure if she had a fit. It was medium loudness.

What would have you done if someone pulled out a box of tissues and placed it on their lap? Has this ever happend to anyone!?

I'm still at a loss for words.

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I'd probably react the same way you did.

I've never seen anything like that... :wheels: It's kinda...Awkward I would imagine.

But the poor girl. The allergies must've been horrible if she was carrying around a BOX :rolleyes:

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I remember the box thing on at least two occasions. I once attended an opera matinee perfomance and remember a blond lady who had a box oif tissues with her and saw her keep ialternatingly either in her lap or on a broad rail. I saw it while returning to my seat (a cheaper one) and was too far away from her seat to hear or see anything durign the performance. But I remember I could barely concentrate on any of thr performance trying to see/hear her.

A woman second one, a librarian at a university library had to who had ragweed hayfever and did pretty good sneezing each late august. I had seen her sneeze many times and once while talking on the phone. She always had a box of tissues neareby. I remember seeing her have to staff an outer security desk several days while others had vacations. and taking a box of tissue with her to the library entrance area where she would place it on the desk top in front of her to collect her massive sneezes. Regrettably there was not way to see her while she was out there (could not repeatedly come in and out of the library).

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I've actually carried around a box of tissues on a few occasions when I have had a cold. My most recent cold was particularly nasty and every time I went to coach I carried the entire box of tissues in with me. I also did this at a party I went to because I knew the guys that were hosting it we kind of minimalists and would not have tissues.

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:dead: wow..i would have just stared probably...and then made some crack about allergies...not in a mean way, but just gentle teasing... like "are you allergic to me??"

ive carried around a box before..when i had major cold symptoms..and then i would tell anyone who asked about it that i WAS allergic to them... :blushing: and proceed to fake a sneeze fit, or if the moment was right, really sneeze...

but im a bit crazy so.... :laugh::unsure:

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I'd probably avoid looking at them, if a guy I had a crush on did this, I'd run away, because he might sneeze I'd never even look his way, and I'd be paranoid that he might sneeze, and if he did I would feel the blood rushing to my face :blushing: and I'd start to shake (from being turnd on) then I'd go to the bathroom to get away from him, and hope he never noticed... :lol:

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I've carried around a box of tissues...I get awful head colds and need to blow lots! Have also noticed other people with them if they're in the depths of a particularly nasty cold.

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I've actually carried around a box of tissues on a few occasions when I have had a cold.

Same here. But for the most part, cuz I couldn't really fit a box in my purse, I would have a box at my desk in work, at home and in my car. Then I'd just have a fist full of loose tissues stuffed in my purse. :blush:

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