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Guest misswindextor

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Guest misswindextor

Here are the New York obs I mentioned ages ago!

The first happened while Z one of the guys at the hostel was cooking dinner. I noticed Z turn away from the cooker when he got 'the look' and he let out a very nice loud "ISHOOO" into his elbow. I blessed him as did others in the room. For those who are interested he was in his late 20s, about 5'9" with shoulder length brown hair and a nice body, it was obvious that he works out.

The next two obs involve him as well. I heard the most perfect double "ishoo" "ishoo" but as there was only one other person in the room I was wondering where it came from. Then Z walks into the room right passed me with one of the most desperate pre-sneeze faces I have ever seen. :wheels: He goes into the kitchen and lets out a final "ISHOOO" and then blew his nose.

Z and I we were hanging out in the living area, he was on his computer and I was reading a magazine. I hear him sneeze and look up just in time to catch him sneeze a second time into his fist. I said "bless you" he said "thanks" and just stared at me. It was really strange. I felt myself begin to turn red and thought oh god, can he tell I liked the sneezes?. :D He finally did look away but I never said bless you to him again.

The last NY obs took place on the tube (subway). I was sitting opposite a young guy, he was in his early 20s, messy brown hair, dark eyes, looked like he could be in a band. I was just sitting there minding my own business when I noticed him raised his hand in front of his face and held it there for what seemed like forever. He finally let out a fairly loud "ATISHOO" after which he looked quite relieved to have finally got it out. I really wanted to say bless you but did not want to draw attention to myself so I kept quite.

Thought I would end with self obs. I seem to always sneeze within the first half hour of waking up, morning seem to be my sneeziest time. This morning I had just made breakfast and was walking back to my room. I felt the most over whelming need to sneeze, as I had my hands full I just thought oh god not now. I hoped it would it go away but it was too strong. I sneezed a double into my shoulder 'A-CHOO' 'uh, uh, A-CHOO'. I was very impressed that I didn`t spill my tea! :P

Anyways sorry that was so long!

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Z sounds cute! As do his sneezes....his reaction was interesting though. I would have stopped blessing him too...I don't think it was a negative thing, necessarily, but def. awkward. I would have turned red too. Thanks for sharing!

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Nice obs!!! Z was my favorite :blush:

I wouldn't worry about the staring thing. He was probably just miles away and thinking about something else :twisted:



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I think I liked Z's sneezes the best, too! They sounded very yummy. Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great time in NY! :rolleyes:

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i think i have to agree with Z's sneezes being my favorite. hope he has more that you can share with us again.

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