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Drunk and sneezy obs (f) - friend at a bar


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Sooooooooooo it was one of my friend's birthday, and like every year we talk about where she wants to go, we get excited at the prospect of it being somewhere decent, but then when the time comes she changes her mind (probably due to the influence of other friends) and picks the worse places ever to celebrate it.... crappy dance-bars.... I don't mind bars... but dance-bars I mind... it's not my scene and she has a gift for picking ones with crowds none of us mix with.... trashy.... anyway now that I've offended entire populations of people, to the obs!

[Just finished writing the obs and realized I haven't said a thing about what she looks like, but that it makes more sense to write that BEFORE the obs - S is about 1.62m, shoulder length dark dyed red hair, nice rack which is not something I often throw around in a person's description but what can I say, for their size, they are very mmmmm alluring :bleh: , but of a thin pear figure, radiant smile - she is really cute and attractive comes to think of it, peppy pink little puppy she is].

It's the end of the night (amen to that, couldn't have happened sooner :wheels: ) and she's kinda drunk\tipsy+ and very happy, we had the VIP room since we were a large bunch and she was coming in and out of it (to dance) every 15 minutes or so (when her boyfriend dragged her in away from the guys hitting on he :lol:). She was coming back in to sit next to me and drink some water and it was a pretty long table (like I said, we were a large bunch) on her way over from 1 side of it to the further edge where I sat she started sneezing. Normally she sneezes triples, and it started out that way... but... improved :rolleyes:

So she's walking and sneezing twice in succession covered by 1 hand "ehshu eshu" girly, not high pitched, medium volume, very typical of her (she's one of those people with a distinct sneeze but not by being attention grabbing in an odd/funny/loud way if you know what I mean) sneeze number 3 followed a second and a half later but was uncovered with her head bobbing slightly but not really much force "eeshu" and 2 steps later she finally reached my end of the table and did what a good drunk does, threw herself at me. Yep, the hand she just used to cover the first 2 sneezes was now cooperating with her other hand in the good effort of being wrapped around my neck while her head quickly followed and found it's way to my shoulder. She gave me a silly drunk grin and said something or other which made me think how cute she is when she's drunk. The rest of us continued to talk while she was wondering why 1 glass of water she had earlier tasted better than the 1 she was having now (I think the answer lies within how drunk she was, and not the water) and a minute later she sneezes twice more, though at this point she was just sitting next to me and not completely all-over me like she was previously "eshu.. e'shu" her sneeze has a bit of a bouncy feature, it goes a little up in the end but not in a high-pitch sort of way, kinda like a bouncing spring. We bless her, to which she replied with another sneeze "eishu".

A few more minutes go by and she sneezes again (!) which probably makes it the sneeziest I've ever seen her, another 3 sneezes spaced out with a few seconds between. Each time she gets the exact same presneezic look, you can see her inhaling through the mouth, her eyes flutter very briefly and then close, jaw slacks a bit as her lips part and then "eshu" with a bounce :lol: . Interesting thing is when she's sober she covers always with both hands, but this time when she was tipsy some were not covered at all and others were very casually and not too effectively covered :lol:.

To the obs/rant part of this post... I just came back from a random cafe, sat there with friends outside. At the table next to ours sat 3 girls, younger than us, probably 17ish, I didn't really focus on them much, but they were all rather good looking. At some point I realized the one sitting faced toward our table was holding a paper napkin in her hands in front of her, I stared a bit and noticed that she's sneezing into it, wiping/blowing lightly into it, and that my god that must be some kind of fit because she was constantly holding it there and sneezing into it every 15-20 seconds in mid-sentence while talking with the other girls.

This is a rant because even with our close proximity I couldn't quite hear, and because one of my friends (a very tall guy) was sitting partially in my view, so I couldn't quite stare as much as I wanted to. Plus I think I was talking at the time and was trying to convey a point of a sort and I didn't want to look like a total jackass losing my train of thought and having to explain why.... I so regret not paying MORE attention to her, she was quite cute (long dark hair, pretty little number) and she kept getting a sneezy expression. If I had to do it all over again I'd stare and listen properly, I feel like I missed out on most of what would have been a really fantastic fit-memory and a really good obs.

I think I'll head to sleep now and imagine what the whole thing would have looked like if I had paid more attention.

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I have these moments frequently, when I see someone sneezing and want to watch but also want to avoid noticeably staring or losing concentration on whatever I might be doing at the time. It is a bit frusterating, because later you want to remember the details but don't have many details to focus on. :wheels: I'm sorry you weren't able to get the full satisfaction from it... it sounded like it was a great fit. But I think your friend's fit was lovely too, and you got to witness that up close and personal, right? *trying to be optimistic*

The descriptions were lovely, by the way. S sounds darling, and her sneezes just as much so. Thanks for sharing them! Maybe missing this last one will be made up for somehow- another obs thrown your way soon, perhaps?

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Wow! Very Nice! What is it about drinking that makes some people sneeze? I know of a few people who get really sneezy when they get drunk. It's pretty awesome.

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