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So I went to Earth Fest in boston, which is this big festival about saving the earth and recycling, and they have a big free concert with pretty good bands such as Guster, which was the headlineing band this year, and millions of people mostly teenagers like me go.

So anyway it was a pretty hot day and i could tell the air was humid and thick with pollen, and boy did it show by the sneezes that went on all around me. Everywhere I turned there were sneezes, there were way to many to post individually but I will extrapolate on the more noticable ones.

One was of a girl that was standing quite close to me, she sneezed 5 rather large Haasshhooooos into her cupped hands, then looked up and shook her head like in disapproval, she then looked like she was gonna sneeze again but i guess it went away and she took out a napkin and blew her nose rather wetly.

Another was of the girl i was with's friend, who was with her boyfriend and we had been talking for a little while, all of a sudden there seemed to be a lot of cigerrett smoke in the air and her bf commented it rubbing his eyes, and then she started sneezing nice ones, id say kind of towards the ground and kind of into her elbow, and the sneezes bent her low to the ground as well, I am not sure what they sounded like kind of quick but forceful choos, and after she said it was the smoke that was bothering her.

I forget many of the other good ones, there were just to many, but glad to give what obs I have, sorry if my post is long.

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Funny! I was there too and I heard a big series of sneezes in the distance at one point but couldn't see the person. You sound like you got a better spot to listen to the "concert" hahaha :wheels:

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I was on that side too, but across the footbridge, sitting on the bank of the Charles.

I'm from a suburb outside Boston but I live in the city now.

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Ya im from the Northshore But Im always in Boston and work there and always go with my friends to hang out

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