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so in first hour i was listening to my friend telling me a story about this little girl who came over to her house and how she was cute and w/e, but i wasn't listening that much, i kept looking over at my crush bc he was just SOOOOOOOOOO hot. i looked away at just the wrong time however, bc then from his direction i heard this lovely, masculine, "Huh-TCHOO!" i spun around as quick as i could and found his nose kind of resting on his tan, muscular arm which was on the desk. my friend who sat in front of him had been facing him and he shouted, "(crush's name) cover your mouth!" My crush laughed this adorable laugh and kind of sniffled, then coughed slightly. I WAS FRICKING DYING!!!!! i wanted to jump this sexy kid for real! but i contained my composure as best i could, but it was really hard... i noticed now that my crush never covers his mouth, i wonder if it's because of his cockiness...though i don't really know how that would play into it, it was simply a though. lol

ok, this next guy i think is just such a cutie! i've seen him sneeze like 5 times now, and every time they've got me going. it was the other day in class i was facing forward cuz my teacher was talking, and he was diagonally behind me, all of a sudden i hear, "Hurrashoo!" i turned around real quick (as i always do when i hear a sneeze lol) and found him kind of hunched forward and he hand his hand pinching his nose, but i don't know why he was pinching his nose cuz he didn't stifle...but w/e, we (a bunch of ppl around) said bless u, he said thanks, and sniffled quite wetly. my friend who was next to me and i both busted out laughing and our teacher wasn't too pleased.

SweetP :wheels:

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Oh my word! How hot!

You are soooooooooooooooooooo lucky! :wheels:

They both sound adooooorable :heart:

Keep us updated!


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I love it when my crush sneezes, those are the best sneezes *daydrams*~back to reality~ very hot obs... :laugh:

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Very cute. I have to admit, I totally get a kick out of it when other people suggest that people cover their mouths and stuff when they sneeze. This happens at my work once in awhile, and I always laugh. I think it's hot when guys do it uncovered or barely covered. Some guys can just pull that off, especially if they are good looking! :innocent:

Thanks for another really cute observation, hon! I wonder if the other cutie pinched his nose so he wouldn't sneeze anymore? Very adorable!

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