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A red letter day for me


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Greetings all, and apologies for the dearth of obs from me lately - too much going on for me here to even select an excuse!

Anyway, I finally have an R obs to share with you...

Bit of background - I must have said Bless You to R several hundred times over the past few years, and wondered at times if it was rather annoying for him, as I never EVER heard him bless anyone else after a sneeze, and also only once did he thank me afterwards - which didn't bother me as he usually said something else adorable, like Excuse Me, or explaining away the sneeze, or somesuch.

The other day we were walking his dog together, a little terrier, and the pup did a big sneeze, and R blessed it!!! I was gobsmacked. It sneezed again immediately after and he didn't comment, but it was soooo cute to hear R finally say "bless you!" .... yummy.

It made me wonder whether he might bless me next time I sneezed!

That weekend we went to stay with his parents, and on the Sunday night we went out to a nice restaurant for a meal. Half way through he suddenly turned away from the table to his right and sneezed into his hand...


"Bless you," I said.


"Bless you!"

"Excuse me," said R, then looked all sneezy yet again and - "AHHH-TISHH-OOO!!! Excuse ME!"

"Bless you! Are you OK?" I asked.

"Must have pepper up my nose," said R.

Quite delicious (don't you just love it when people sneeze loudly in restaurants?)

After we finished, we walked back to the car, and it was quite cold (I had been cold for most of the weekend!)

As soon as we got in the car, I sneezed into both hands, HUH-TSHHUH! ... excused myself ... and ... to my delight and amazement, R replied: "Bless you ... let's get you warmed up," and got the car heater going.




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Wonderful observation - something for everyone - lovers of male sneezes, female sneezes etc etc....

It is fun when people sneeze loudly at restaurants - breaking the tabou in a way!

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This is a great obs -- I always love hearing about R -- but what I really wanted to say is that "gobsmacked" is a wondefully under-used expression of astonishment.

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Wonderful obs. From the dog and R blessing him. To his delicious triple and not to mention the comments about pepper up the nose. :P:P^_^ To him finally blessing you and wanting to warm you up. :blushing:

A red letter day indeed. I'm happy for you and enjoyed this obs very much. :lol:

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