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Sneezing in public


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i know how you feel. I was one who would never sneeze in public either. But now as long as family isn't around, i do. I was at at Wal-Mart with Jodi, and Dad, and Sister. Dad, and sis were off on their own, and i was with Jodi. I had the urge to sneeze, and just let it out, no one even paid attention to me :rolleyes:

So i guess my paranoia was all in my mind :twisted: and who knows, maybe i gave some other fetishist a thrill, if there was 1 nearby :blush:

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Yay for you! That's so great! I have had something very similar happen to me. I still get shy about doing it in public, but sometimes I have moments where I suddenly really want to, just for the thrill...however, I usually do it only in front of close friends or the bf. I have yet to brave doing it in front of all strangers except for ONCE, when it was an accident, and I ended up stifling so I don't think it was noticeable anyway. But it WAS oddly thrilling....thinking to yourself that the people around you have absolutley NO idea. I think it's about due time for me to finally give it a shot...I think that it would be the exact same way for me.

Oh and these marbles over here on the floor- if you never had them to begin with, and I didn't either...whose are they? :blush:

I'm glad you finally overcame the public sneezing hurdle- with really cool results!! :twisted:

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HAHAHA! I've done almost the exact same thing. I used to HATE sneezing in public, but now I will because I like to an overtly sexual brat at all costs and this is just one more thing to add to the list of "you don't KNOW I'm being a HUGE perv!" :blush:


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I suddenly like the idea of being wrongy in public

Mmm... Me too, you sexy tranny beast. :laugh:

But to answer your question, for me it's a big fat NO. The times that I've slipped up and sneezed in public are far and few, but none of them gave me the courage to do it again! The last time it happened was right after I graduated high school. My best friend and I were at an amusement park, and we were coming outside after being on a motion simulator. Going from a pitch black theater to bright summer sun triggered a photic sneeze, and it happened too fast for me to know it was coming! I kinda remember her saying something to me, prolly bless you. It was a little bit thrilling for the same reasons you described, but mostly embarrassing. I think it would've been better if no one else was around, but I'm not brave enough to try it and find out! :laugh: Eh, I'm good at being weird. I'll stay this way.

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That is seriously so cool! I want to be able to do that! I haven't sneezed in front of anyone since I was...what...four or five years old? I think even if I wanted to do it, the sneeze would go away on its own after all these years. So, no, this hasn't happened to me yet, but I think that's really neat.

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usually i don't even think about it anymore. i have allergies so i do it so much it's just natural to me now. but sometimes, just for fun i will put on a show. just in case there are any other fetishists around who might need something to brighten their day.

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For many, many years, I have mostly successfully avoided sneezing in public. In the five years at my current job, I've only ever let 2 sneezes out, and both went completely unnoticed. I think hubby has only seen me sneeze a total of 5 or 6 times in the 14 years we've known each other.

Now, I'm totally trying to change that, and after so many years of NOT sneezing in public, I'm finding it very hard to change. It's almost as if my mental block is so deep, I can't quite make the sneezes come out. Or perhaps I'm concentrating too hard, I don't know! :lol:

I would love to be able to sneeze in front of my friends that *know* about my fetish, to see how they react to my sneeze, but it just is such a rare occurance, I doubt it'll ever happen. And, I'm working on inducing around other people, but can't quite do it directly in front of people. I just hate the fact that the only thing that really makes me sneeze consistently is sticking a plastic price tag up my nose. I wish I had something I could sniff, and be discreet about it. :innocent:

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For years now I've carefully avoided sneezing in front of anyone because I dreaded having any attention drawn to them. I honestly don't think I've sneezed in public more than five times over the last ten years or so. But yesterday that suddenly changed. I was helping out at a yard sale fundrasier for the queer youth center I go to, at which I think just about everyone who was helping out was wrong at least once and maybe it's because everyone else was being wrongy that when I too suddenly felt a sneeze I had the unsual desire to actually let it happen and see what it was like to do it with people around. No one payed any attention as it turned out, I'm not even sure anyone noticed, but... It's interesting. I suddenly don't care anymore. In fact, I almost WANT to sneeze in public. Somehow it seems... exciting now. To do something that I consider sexual around other people who have no idea of what it means to me. The secret of doing something in palin sight that no one knows the power of. I suddenly like the idea of being wrongy in public and then looking around at people's reactions and snicker about the fact that they have no idea I've just done something horribly sexual. :lol: Yeah, I know, I've lost my marbles. Oh... wait, nevermind, you can't lose something you never had. XD

Anyway, I was curious to see if anyone else had experienced a similar change in their comfort level with sneezing in front of other people. Family members not included of course. I doubt I'll EVER want to do THAT. My family making some big deal out of the fact that I sneezed is SO not on my list.

EUREKA!!! :innocent:

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