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More grad obsev. (lots of Fs)


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Long---sorry about that....

Ok today I had another graduation with some observations. It was bettert than I had anticipated. Rain was focase but held off just long enough for some tree pollen and flower-induced sneezes.

Most were in a stadium and in route to receptions after exiting (about 30K people there).

First, a brurnett and a blond (both about 24) in the same party in the stadium. I eventually sat behind them. The brunette had short black hair dark sunglasses, medium build. was dabbing her nose with a tissue and some nose twitching and sniffig. She then after a breife pre sneeze mouth open look let out one lloud sneeze "ah-auwrk". Her seat mate then gave her another tissue. Moments later the blond (hair in bun) two seat own feromt eh brunette sneezed four rapid fire sneezes--good head bobbing although it took me two sneezes before I located who was sneezing. About 30 secs after the fourth sne had another double or thriple. I moved seats to right behind them and---as luck would have it--no more from these two then entire 2.5. remaining house of the event.

An oriental woman with long dark hair, thin with glasses, about 21, stood up to take a photo, she then sneezed twice ahwho ahwho.

A brunette medium build long dark hair also in a bun seated about 28 two rows in frontof me was text messaging looking down at her cell phone when she sneezed one hard err-choo.

A fourtish thin shoulder length hair blond woman sneezed one while standing (about4-5 rows behind me).

But the best was after leaving the stadium. A 26-28ish year old stunning blond woman with longish hair and a dynamite build and wearing low cut black dress. Amazingly I had noticed her in the stadium among the 30K. She was seated somewhere well outside my view behind me and off to a side. But she visited others in her party seated about 10-12 people removed from me on my row twice during the event. At those time I had noticed she was among the loveliest woman I had seen at the event period. i had even seen her coming up the stairs when she arrived and had hoped she might sit somewhere near or sneeze as she climbed the stairs.

Well the observation happened after the ceremony I was standing outside and heard a hard sneeze behind me. It was her. "EK--whoot" . I made the determinatiopn to follow her group. She sneezed at least noine times in aboiut 1.5 minutes. her bobbing and head bneck bending foward. She may had had 3-4 more softer half stifled sneezes before I caught hup to her group. I was partially obstricted but her head was bobbing some. I heard her explaing her sneezing attack to the eledst mael in the group that she was allergic to something.

She had a tissue in hand and was sneezing into it (tissue bunched not open or her hand). I did get to slightly her side and saw soewm pre sneeze looks during the fit. But they were not icnredibly long, she just preppped for each new sneeze as she walked and interlocked arms with another woman. As they approached a reception i crashed it to see more. She sniffed, blew her nose and dabbed at it too. But in about 5-8 minute no more attack. I then lost her somehow in a huge food tent and also need to get to my own obligations. So I then left---grudgingly though. Wow she was sexy and it was a decent attach with certainly more to come.


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That last one was mmm mmm mmm *purr* and I sorta dig how you followed her, I wonder if I ever got caught up like that... probably a bit but not for that long :laugh: anyway sounds like a handful of good ol' sneezing I would've liked to seen, but will settle for hearing about it :laugh: thanks for sharing.

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The ceremony was what was long and I was a captive there.

The reception had probably 500 people while I was there and I essentially had moved along with the crowd staying only long enough to drink a soda. So about 5-8 minutes tops intermingled with hundreds (who were mainly focused on food). There were probably 25 receptions held simultaneously. I had simply short-stopped at the one with the lovely sneezing woman for a few minutes --to see if she had another attack--before moving on to mine (which was definitely lacking in sneezing but had far better food).

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