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Ok, I had a really weird dream (which is nothing new, my dreams are always weird)... You'll laugh.... I had a dream that Gaara sneezed and farted at the same time :laugh: I was wondering what do you guys think of this???? It happens every now and then. I was just wondering, if yous find it to be a turn off... or if some of yous find it to be a turn on? I never thought of this before, because it rarely happens, but it is funny... Just wondering what yous think of if someone sneezes and farts at the same time...

(I've had weirder dreams, once I dreamt about an egg and cat food growing into a cat-frog thing :laugh: How wierd is that???)

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:laugh: :laugh: :bounce:

No, I wouldn't be turned off. Prolly wouldn't be turned on either. I'd be laughing too damn hard! Farts are always funny. Unless it's one of those evil dutch oven kind... *grr* Or one like that time when my brother... Well, let's just say I come out looking shitty at the end of that story. Better stop there.

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Okay, I've seen this happen before and I must admit, I totally laughed at the person because.....hell, it was FUNNY! I had originally been pretty turned on by their sneezing, but once the fart happened, I lost the mood immediately and became horribly amused instead.

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I dunno .. i guess it would depend on the sneeze and the fart .. if that makes any sense. Probably would be more amused as well .. unless i really like the sneeze .. :bounce: .. then i would probably be more turned on .. :blushing::D .. unless the fart would be really .. disgusting .. so yeah .. generally i don't know would depend for me .. :laugh:

(I've had weirder dreams, once I dreamt about an egg and cat food growing into a cat-frog thing :lol: How wierd is that???)

:laugh: well i dreamed about guys destroying the world with "voodoo-pizzas" today .. they where shaped and named like cities .. and they would crush them .. so yeah .. talk about weird :unsure:. Though i have to admit i was impressed by those salami broccoli buildings :sillybounce:.

Unless it's one of those evil dutch oven kind... *grr*

:laugh: dutch oven ? .. whats so wrong with dutch ovens ? I mean at the moment i don't want to get near any oven at all but that has other reasons .. :laugh:

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That's an interesting dream. I don't know how I'd react. Probably just laugh about it or something.

And while we're on the subject, if somebody blew their nose and farted at the same time, would it sound like a lawnmower?

Questions, questions...

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LOL This thread is hilarious!

I would personally find it a turn off because.. well Its gonna kinda be stinky afterwards.

I would probably laugh my ass off also :lol::lol::lol:

And on the weird dreams part, Dont even get me started. :innocent:

Ive had dreams of hanging on a wire by my underpants, and being half naked. :lol:


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I've seen this once, and I hurt myself laughing because the concept itself is just weird. It wasn't arousing in any way, just funny.

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Sorry, I guess dutch oven is an American colloquialism. It's when someone is farting under the covers in bed, and then they pull the covers over someone else's head, usually a woman, and hold her in there so she's trapped with the noxious fumes. Always funny when it happens to other people. Never funny when it happens to me. :rolleyes:

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Ok, I only wander into General Discussion every once and a while. I saw "What do you think..." So I went in, and bam! Topic title. I rofl-lol'd. :rolleyes: Yeah, I would think it's kinda funny! :D

VFP - Especially if the mood was that nature to begin with! In bed, under the covers.... :laugh:

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Ok, another question.... what if it was someone you have a crush on, or love... and they sneezed and farted at the same time? Would the sneezing still be a turn on??? or will it be a turn off?? The only reason I ask this question is because I find a guy I have a crush on/love always have a stronger affect on me when they sneeze, and I'm not even sure if it would be a turn off for me..

And about the dreams, I have stupid dreams, once I dreampt that I had a tree growing out of my knee (thinking about it I'm laughing) and then I got out of the shower and my doctor was right there waiting to operate on my knee, he took a spoon and spooned it out of my knee... :dead: And of course the dream about Gaara sneezing and farting (reason for this subject, was that dream).. LoL One of those dreams where I wake up and say what Fifi says, "what the fuck???"

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I think Salmon and I agree on this one, that we would find it pretty darn ridiculous. Salmon says he'd feel bad about it, but I would laugh. Horribly. Because with this fetish, ANYTHING combined with sneezing is just a zillion times funnier (as someone already mentioned).

According to Salmon, someone blowing their nose and farting at the same time probably would indeed sound like a lawnmower. He denies this knowledge, however.

I just have to add that this topic is amazing. You people have some pretty weird dreams, and man, I'm glad someone gets my kind of humor...sneezing and other bodily noises = CAN BE DROP-DEAD FUNNY so long as the situation is right.

But yeah, I wouldn't be turned on by it. I'd just laugh. Sadistically and way too much.


*still giggling*

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No matter who it was if they sneezed and farted why doing so I would be laughing my ass off at them I have seen it happen before and it was to damn funny for me to even think about being turned on at all.

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So far I've only been asking questions and I haven't said wht I'd think about this.... because I'm not sure, I know that if it were someone other than a crush , I'd laugh to myself into a comma :P^_^ but I'm not sure if I'd be a little turned by it if it were a crush... the fr thing woudn't turn me on, but the fact that they sneezed, might still turn me on, even if they did fart, I'd still laugh, because of how humorous it is... but I'm not really sure... :P

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