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So, since (hippo) is so amazing and wonderful and one of the best artists i've ever seen...i just thought i would try to do something in return for all the lovely Cloud sketches. Howl has been lots of fun to sketch and i must now find out more about him and his wonderful stifly sneezes...



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SQUEEEE! It's Howl!! :lol:

Man, I've wanted to see Howl sneeze for so long... I will never forgive Hayao Miyazaki for not having him sneeze in the movie. He has a cold in the book, goddamnit! :lol:

This is SO adorable, Chui! Hippo's gonna love it, I'm sure :)

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:omg: :omg: :omg: :omg:


Chui!!! You? ARE FREAKING AWESOME. :hyper:

I LOVE YOU!!! (and not just becuase you did this piece of gorgeous artwork for me but becuase you rock)

this? *shivers* wwwwwwwooww. You got it PERFECT. The eyes are gorgeous, and once again im amazed at your hand anatomy. :omg:

I love you so much :) Thankyou SO MUCH :hug:

um... i'll say more when i gather my thoughts :lol:

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Curse you and those fabulous skills, Chui. That was just amazing. I got so happy I did my kung fu fighting dance. XD And that's rare.

You know, I always pictured that sexiful wizard to stifle a sneeze. Just seems like something he'd do. But if he was looking for attention, he'd probably make it more noticeable. XD I have no idea where I'm going with this...

and...and..... um.

you know. he sneezes a whole bunch of times in the book, right? XD

you can't see it, but if you use your imagination, you can picture it <3

To sum it all up, NICE WORK CHICA <3

I LOVE IT <3<3<3<3<3

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OMG!! im so glad that you guys liked it....thank you sooo much!!

*blushes to my bleached out roots*

ive never read the book, but i think i must now...

and no, hippo...YOU ROCK!!! you are the awesomest!!

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OMG HOWL!!!!! :blushing: I. Am. Speechless.......OMGWTF I'M BRAINDEAD

Wow, wow, wow...I need a minute...Or five.

This is AMAZINGGG ^__^

seriously! gahhh, I'm gunna save it to my computer and pull it up every few seconds to giggle insanely XD

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