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my sneezy day at six flags


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So me and my friend (we will call her V), left for six flags yesterday. We had to take my jeep because her car didn't pass inspection. She drove my jeep because I don't like to drive on the Mass Pike. It was just me and V. She is allergic to cats and own a cat (I prefer male sneezes, but I thought those of you enjoy female, would enjoy some obs from her) V is about 5'6" (2 or 3 inches taller than me) she has light dirty blonde hair, is thin and has large breasts which I'm very jealious of her nose isn't very small but it's not big either... we drove all the way down without any sneezes.

When we first got there our first ride was called the Tomahawk. We went got on the ride and it didn't even start yet, when V seezes 3 times, "Ha-itchoo, ha-itchoo, ha-itchoo!" then she says," Damn, I think I'm done." Which she was done. Later we went on another ride called the twist, which we think was a rip off it didn't last long. Our next ride was the Batman (roller coaster). We waited in line for about an hour, it was my first time on it and I was scared... While we waited in line a guy sneezed, I didn't get to see, maybe because I didn't want to look," HE-eeshooOO!" he got louder at the end of his sneeze. Later V sneezed again when we went down to a concert, which was free, V wanted to see her fav band or something like that... her sneezes sounded just like her other ones, "Ha-itchoo, Ha-itchoo!" She usually does doubles. After that I left to activate my seasons pass, while V stayed to listen to the music, on way down I heard a,"HAchoo!" what I like to call the standard sneeze (because on almost all cartoons and stuff they sound like "achoo" or "hachoo" and are spelt that way too, I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed) not sure if it was a guy or a girl because I didn't look. After activating my seasons pass I went back to V. Someone sneezed while I was there I got to watch (which made me nervous, I'm scared V might find out if I watch by my reaction or something). They were about 24 or so, had a beard and mustache, dark blonde, a little on the hot side... he sneezed one wet sounding sneeze, with no vocals in it, "HA-TOOssshhh!" It wasn't stifled it just had a "sh" sound at the end, into his arm... It was very hot, I thought :blushing: There were a couple of other sneezes while we were down in the concert area, but I don't remember what they sounded like... sorry... anyways that was it until we got to the parking lot. Have so many complaints about getting out of the parking lot. We were stuck in the same place without any motion from any vehicle for about 30 mins and we were way in the back. While we waited there V sneezes 3 times in my jeep :dead: ,"Ha-itchoo, Ha-itchoo, Ha-itchOO!" I have a rule, you'll laugh at what it is.... No sneezing in my jeep, so she broke my rule, oh, well. That's it for the sneezing...

We were stuck in the parking lot in my jeep for at least an hour... We were parked so far away from six flags in their parking lot, we had to take a trolly to get to six flags and to get back to my jeep, we had parked so far away. And then getting out with all the traffic was so annoying people were going crazy I swear, so many times we were almost hit because people wanted to get out just as bad as us :unsure: V had turned my jeep of because we weren't moving ar all... that is only reason (besides lines that you have to wait in forever to get on a ride) I don't like going to six flags, other than that it's a blast.... :laugh:

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I have a rule, you'll laugh at what it is.... No sneezing in my jeep, so she broke my rule, oh, well. That's it for the sneezing...

:lol::omg::firework: I LOVE this rule :lol:

Sounds you had a fun day at six flags! I adore the way V sneezes :blushing:


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