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What type of sneezes do you prefer the most?



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  1. 1. What type of sneezes do you prefer the most? (check all that apply)

    • Stifle
    • Girly
    • Ones that come without warning
    • Wet
    • Dry
    • The cough-sneeze
    • Regular Achoo (with variations of that of course)
    • Allergy sneezes
    • Cold sneezes
    • Other
  2. 2. Volume of the sneezes?

    • Loud
    • Regular
    • Soft
    • Non-exsistant
    • Other
  3. 3. And where do they sneeze?

    • Into a hankerchief
    • Into a fist
    • Freely
    • Into a tissue
    • Into elbow, arm, shoulder...etc.
    • Open hand in front of face
    • Cupped hands in front of mouth and nose
    • Other

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i guess i like sneezes that are wet, cold ones, i like them kinda loud, and into a tissue

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:lol: Im laughing to myself because I pretty much checked every single box on each one. :omg:

I dont care where they let it out, as long as they do it. :blushing:


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Well, I chose "soft" because I couldn't choose between soft and regular, but I like both. :P

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Because of my fondness for colds, I had to pick cold sneezes, although dry would probably come a close second, with wet in thrid place. I think of cold sneezes as kind of wet, I suppose. Either way, there were so many good choices!!

I also chose regular for volume. Really loud sneezes tend to make me laugh, instead of getting all excited about them. :P

And then I chose into the shoulder, etc. thingie. I love it into a fist, but I think crook of the elbow and back of the wrist are two of my absolute favorites! Or, I really enjoy a hand to cover, but not close so I get to see everything! :P

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For the first one I put cold sneezes (I love it when a hot guy has a cold, there nose sometimes get red and they look so cute), I love when a sneeze comes on someone without warning :sillybounce: that is one of favorites, I also put wet....

I love loud, although loud scares me sometimes. I still like loud because it is almost like they put more power into their sneeze if it's loud :winkkiss:

And for they sneeze into I put into the fist, that is my all time favorite for they sneeze into, but I also love if they don't cover because then sometimes you can feel/see the spray :)

Another thing not mentioned... I love it when they put their whole body into their sneeze... it's like the power of their sneeze just takes them over... so HOT :lol::wub::blushing:

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Yeah, love the hand over the fist.

And even better! A semi-loud forceful sneeze that sends them doubling over WHILE having a fist in front of them and seeing/feeling the spray.

Ooh what now :-p

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my answers were:

for the first section:


Ones that come without warning


regular achoo

allergy sneezes

second section:

since i could only pick 1, i picked loud. I also like regular


third section:

i checked all except cupped hands, and other.

most preferably though freely, or open hand in front of face :laugh:

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:clapping: Im laughing to myself because I pretty much checked every single box on each one. :hug:

I dont care where they let it out, as long as they do it. :clapping:


That pretty much sums it up for me!

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:twisted: i voted...:whistle:. i put stifle, girly, achoo, allergy, regular, loud, freely, and into hands. :cry:.
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Well, I chose "soft" because I couldn't choose between soft and regular, but I like both. :wheels:

Same here, but I marked "regular. :lol:

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Well, my FAVORITE type of sneeze is the "failed stifle" or "half stifle," although I checked plenty of others! :lmfao:

It's easier for me to say what I DON'T like rather than what I do like. Much shorter list! :angry:

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Umm I forget which ones I picked now! Most I think.

I don't like loud sneezes though I know that much.

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Weeell, I guess because I'm still being vetted, I couldn't vote, but it would have been really hard for me to decide between all of these. I guess that's mainly because i like sneezes from both sexes, but i like completely different things from each.

For example, I like allergy sneezes from girls, and lots of buildup, and uncovered I spose. I think overall girly sneezes are really nice too., the kind that just have tht uncontrollably allergic desperation...yum :drool:

But, I'm really picky about which guy's sneezes I like. Usually it has to be someone I'm attracted to, like a boyfriend. :twisted: And , prolly stemming from my ridiulous need to nurture the boys I love, I like colds much better from them. And I absolutely looove when they sneeze into the crook of their arm....sooo cute. And regular volume sneezes to soft are definitely good for me, since I dont like to much attention drawn to any sneeze, at least while I'm around cuz I'm paranoid like that lol

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Guest Raksu

Hmm, if I could vote, I would pick allergy sneezes, loud ones and open hand in front of face :twisted:

I'm totally in love with allergy sneezes :drool: Sneezy males with pale skin, brownish hair and hazel eyes :rolleyes: *Fantasies*

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I like wet cold sneezes but sometimes I like dry, cough-sounding ones. The volume should either be soft or medium. I had to vote for a few on the last question because I love the open hand, cupped hands, fist, and arm/shoulder.

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cold sneezes

I'm always soo tempted to say "I don't care about the temperature of a sneeze" :) .. but i guess i know what is meant :laugh:.

And yeah i checked a lot too :cry:.

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Guest iffthelurker

I checked a whole lot of them too. My favorite is from a cold, wet, desperate, consuming, aimed in to just about anything (although I have a weakness for handkerchiefs). But I think I have to agree with Aku on this...it's easier and less time/space consuming to say what I DON'T like than what I do.

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Oh no, seems like I'm too much of a newbie to vote! Have to work hard from now on!

My favourite would be from a cold, wet, helpless, with not too much of that "throat-sound", and with lots of build-up (and maybe false-starts? that makes me hold my breath!) and the whole body been taken over by it... into the crooked arm or to the handkerchief.

And if it's an attractive male, I can die with a smile on my face. :rolleyes:

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