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Predicting Sneezes


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I was in a section of the office where a number of women work. They are very chatty and appear to be good friends with one another.

As one of the women was settling in at her desk, I heard a high pitched inhale. Then she sneezed somewhat loudly what sounded like a wet spraying sneeze. Her co-worker said, “Bless you.”

The sneezing woman seemed to be struggling with an intense tickle. “I think I feel ten more coming on,” she said with a stutter.

“Bless you ten times,” chuckled the young redhead in front of her, who had blessed her originally.

After waiting a moment, the sneezing woman concluded “I guess I’m not going to sneeze anymore, after all,” she said.

“Yeah, it’s like predicting the weather,” said the redhead. “You just never know.

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That's a nice and funny obs. I can sometimes tell if I'm going to sneeze more than just once. But usually it's not until I'm actually in the middle of the first sneeze. If that makes any sense.

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Heh that is a pretty cute dialogue :drool: never really heard anyone trying to predict how many more times they are gonna sneeze, it's always people who comment things like "where's sneeze #3, I always sneeze in threes!" (mind you, these are often the same people I've never seen sneeze in threes :twisted:).

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