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Ya'll know me. I rarily (if ever) put in an obs... but this one just horned me up so much! ^_^

I keep in contact with the first love of my life. We are now great pals. We chat on the phone every week or so... see each other every few months. SOMETIMES we even go out dancing or to a movie. ANYWAY.....

Now.... this is the girl that would sneeze for me anytime I wanted her to. (acted, of course.... but YOU couldnt tell :P ). Well.... I call her today, because it is a GORGEOUS day today, and she works outside. I just wanted to say how jealous I was, because I look at this beauty thru a window. :lol:

*ring ring*

"UUHHEESSSHHHHH!! :omg: *sniff* Hullo?"

Okay... right there, the blood all drained from my head, and I forgot my first name :blushing: ! This was a REAL one of hers!! (I CAN tell the difference! :P ).

"Oh... uhm... HI! I just called to say Im jealous"

*In SUCH a stuffy, sniffly, sexy voice* "Well dont be. Im miserable."

"How can you be miserable on such a LOVELY day!? :blushing: "

"Its these damned cottonwoods. I cant stop sneezing. I sneezed just before I answered the phone."

"No... no... I heard that! You know... I COULD make you feel alot better" (an innocent remark between us... seeings we decided not to do that anymore).

"Yes... Im sure you could".

Anyway.... she then goes on for about 2 minutes in that sexy, stuffy voice.... talking about her allergies... how BAD they are this year. I finally had to interrupt and tell her that she was crossing the line! "Why? Are you getting horny?"


So she giggled... apologized.... and we said goodbye.

I know... I know.... quite the lame obs. (This is why I dont write many of them)... but with my bestest girlfreind I ever did have....

Long story short.... I cant get her out of my mind now! Talk about effecting my work. IM AT WORK!! and Im on the forum typing all this out!! :laugh:

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You know, I find "over the phone sneezes" to be ridiculously hot! :drool:

And your obs wasn't lame. I really enjoyed reading it! I love to be teased like that... :twisted:

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*grins* your call's timing was epic :lol: aaaaaaaaaand I liked reading it too :) not lame at all *positive reinforcement* I think I'd be utterly distracted too if someone would do that to me, but I definitely wouldn't wanna miss it :winkkiss:

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I love phone sneezes. Sternuto, you did a woderful job on this observation! Thanks for sharing! :winkkiss:

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I love phone sneezes. Sternuto, you did a woderful job on this observation! Thanks for sharing! :whistle:

I couldn't agree more. :P:bleh::yes::yes:

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