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My boyfriend had a sneeze attack yesturday !!

Guest sandy from paris

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Guest sandy from paris

Hello everybody !!!

I am new on this forum !!!

I am french so excuse me for my bad english !!!! :P

i am going to tell you my evening last night :

I was with my boyfriend yesturday night : lying in my bed together !!!! That was very romantic lol with lot of kisses ....

But my poor boyfriend had a very bad cold and when i was in his arms yesturday: i felt that he was not confortable !!!

His breath was not like everyday ; so i look at him and noticed that he touched his nose a lot !!!!! lol

I sayed " hey are u ok ????"

and him " yes baby ...yes ...i just need to ......"

and me " oh you need to .?...."

He was so cute with the expression of his face (you know when you are going to sneeze)

He stayed maybe one minute with the expression and sniff a lot and he told me in the same time " ouch i am really sorry i a m gonna sneeze !!!"

and me " oh really ???" :P

and Him " yes yes ....my noes itchy me a lot !!!!"

and me " oh come on the sneeze is here i can see it " :laugh:

and him " yes i feel it but ...grrrrrrrrrr the sneeze doesn't want to come "

He was so cute !!!! Afer one minute he puts his face directly on the pillow and ....that was the beginning of a big sneeze attack ( the even for me lol)

I heard a little noise " atichooooo " " itichooooo " achoooooooo" " aaaaaaaaachoooo" "aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaa...choo" and just after he looks at me " sorry i had to sneeze "

and me " oh no problem bless you " :lol:

But that's not finish !!!!! After that i was in his arms and he tried to speack about a subject but i saw that his noes itchy him again ...After 3 minutes he told me " Pardon me but i am gonna sneeze again ! it's because of the pollen : it's really achoooooooo pardon ...it's really embarrassing to have that in front of my girl friend!!!" ...Just after this sentence he sneezes five time in a row and between each sneeze he told me "pardon " " i promess it's the last one " :blushing:

I was in heaven and sayed " oh no ..if you need to sneeze go on that's not a problem" ...mmmmmmmm if he knew that i am a fetish ....lol :omg:

he was so cute you know ( my boyfriend is very very........very hot ) !!! he is model in france ^_^

To finish that was very important to tell you my wonderful evening with my sneezy boyfriend :blushing:

I hope that my english was not so bad and that you enjoy my sneezy boyfriend!!!!!

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I'd say that your quaint English only added to the charm of this observation. He sounds like a dream come true!

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Aw, how cute! He sounds adorable, and so do his sneezes. Thanks for sharing this and welcome to the forum!

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Welcome, and you did a fabulous job with your first observation! Your English is marvelous! And your boyfriend and his sneezes sound absolutely adorable! I love how he apologizes for having to sneeze so much! Very cute! Thank you for sharing!

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Une Française ! et Parisienne de surcroît! Un grand grand merci ! Profite bien de ton petit ami et de son rhume... des foins.

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I loved this obs :winkkiss::):lol: Welcome to the forum, your english wasn't bad at all :blushing: keep us posted about your boyfriend and his sneezes :sillybounce::wub: So awsome...

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Quelle obs magnifique! All those lovely apologies; I can just hear them. You are so lucky.

Puis il faut bien que tu saches que l'accent francais [meme ecrit] est tout ce qu'il y a de plus attrayant pour les anglophones. Ah, Paris; les evenements de mai....ses rhumes des foins....

Et bienvenue au forum!

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YES! WElcome to the forum! Your english wasn't that bad at all..considering my french even after 5 years of studying haha!

What a CUTE observation and thank you for sharing! Your bf is a model with cute sneezes who cutely apologizes in between!!??

HEAVEN! Enjoy!

Has your bf done any modeling we would know? :winkkiss:

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Guest sandy from paris

oh thanks very much !!!!!!!! :laugh:

i am very happy that you have like my obs :laugh:

yes my boyfriend is fantastic !! :laugh:

ps : most of you has a very good french ??is anybody is french on this fantastic forum??? :laugh:

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Guest sandy from paris

Mais je ne suis pas le seul. Kangoo sera ravi de faire ta connaissance.

oh super ben avec plaisir mais j'ai un probleme jarrive pas a acceder au tchat ??? :whistle:

sais tu comment on fait ??stp

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Wonderful obs. You're boyfriend's sneeze fit sounds yummy. Welcome to the forum.

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Awww, lovely first obs! Your boyfriend sounds absolutely adorable! :twisted:

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!

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Premièrement, bienvenue au forum! Merci beaucoup pour ta observation, c'est magnifique! Ton petit ami sent très sympa :clapping: Moi, je ne suis pas française, mais j'aime pratiquer. Et Count de Tisza a raison: les anglophones adorent l'accent français :clapping: surtout moi.

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